Monday, January 31, 2011

[NEWS] SM Entertainmentwill be debuting a new boy band similar to SNSD

It’s official, a new boy band will debut in March/April 2011 !

The group will be called “M1” and has 9 members. They already have a nickname which is So Nyun Chun Ji (Boys’ land). However the band may had already incurred public anger when they sat by playing with their Nintendo DS in the VIP seats during TVXQ‘s Mirotic concert. Some rumors also surfaced about they had written on their Cyworld that SHINee, TVXQ and Super Junior were guinea pigs and that it was their fault if M1 couldn’t debut because the three groups had not broken up. Even though their messages had since been deleted, netizens are still very perplexed about the new band.

What do you think about the rumors? Are you looking forward for their debut?

While thinking so, check out on the pictures of some M1′s members:

Yoo Chiwon (some people say he has the same vocal talents as Junsu)

Ryu Chao:

Kim Jongin (he is Taemin‘s friend):

Han Kyuwan:

Kim Munkyu (the favorite of Lee Sooman, founder of SM):


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

[NEWS] G.NA releases “BLACK & WHITE”

For the past few weeks, G.NA has been steadily building hype for her new album, “BLACK & WHITE”by releasing her duet tack with Wheesung, as well as unveiling photos of her album jacket. In addition, G.NA released a MV Teaser featuring 2AM’s Jinwoon for the track, ‘I Miss You Already’ and now her album has finally been released!
Check out some of the select tracks below and remember to support the artist by purchasing the music.
Title Track: Black & White

MV Teaser Track: I Miss You Already

Don’t Be Mad Anymore (Feat. Junbum, Hyungyu, Hyunsuk)

At First Sight, At a Glance (Feat. Verbal Jint)

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in.]

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Friday, January 14, 2011

[INFO] MYKPOP link showed up at KBS News

Today has been a memorable day for Kpop lovers in Malaysia. The CUBE family, B2ST, 4 Minute & make their way down to Malaysia to perform for the DiGi Live K-pop Party. During their arrival at Stadium Negara, it happened to be that some of our staff were already lining up to enter the stadium. KBS broadcast team were also there, recording for their late night news.

One of our staff, Lizzy was holding a placard that has our forum link on it ''. Thanks to yoyo (our Co-admin) for making that placard. without knowing, the forum link is already spread to the whole world.

We hope that Mykpop will be well known soon. fighting !

KBS News

Cr video : mbbcut @ youtube

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Source ; KBS News

Thursday, January 13, 2011

[NEWS] DiGi LIVE K-Pop Party 2011 Event Coverage Part 3

The DiGi K-Pop party has started! The show started at 8 p.m with the opening act Malaysian singer, Iqwal. First to perform is G.Na who looks so gorgeous wearing more casual outfit. She performed 3 songs which are Take A Bow, Supa Solo and I'll Back off So You Can Live Better. A good way to start the event with some soft ballad from her.

Later, 4Minute took the stage with one of their hit songs, HUH continue with I My Me Mine. There are some short interview with the ladies from 4Minutes after I My Me Mine performance. Later, they continue their performance by performing Muzik, Highlight and Hot Issue. The crowds are all heat up and went wild suddenly when they performed those song.

Last act for today is Beast. The boys are wearing all black. They started performing Special which make the crowd more heat up than before and started to singing and fan chanting along with the song. Later they performed Soom follow with Shock, Oasis, Beautiful and they wrap up the event with V.I.U. Again, a very good way and song choice to end the event. Earlier, during Beast performance, Doojoon said that Kikwang miss Malaysian fans. So, Malaysian B2uty, Kikwang miss us!

G.Na, the first one to perform.

Followed by 4Minute

And ended with Beast.

Event coverage by KBS

Press Conference Sessions





G.Na - I'll Back off So You Can Live Better

G.Na - Supa Solo

4Minute - I My Me Mine

4Minute - Highlight

4Minute - Hot Issue

Beast - Special

Beast - Shock

Beast - Soom

Beast - Beautiful

Written by: Aikara @MYKPOP
Pictures: CUBE_LIMYONGUN yfrog, as tagged
Video: mbbcut, hotxpress1, joshuaongys@YT
Fully credit if taken out and no additional credit.

[NEWS] DiGi LIVE K-Pop Party 2011 Event Coverage Part 2

All the idols are currently at the Stadium Negara where the meet and greet sessions took placed and the gates already opened. Here are some sneak peek of the stage.

Written by: Aikara @MYKPOP
Pictures: mybeastyboys and @CUBE_LIMYONGUN yfrog
Fully credit if taken out and no additional credit.

[NEWS] Hint of Excitement from Beast's Manager

(posted by Jiyong, B2ST Manager)

Earlier today, Beast manager, Jiyoung tweeted a picture which seems a writing by myb2uty fans on the Cube building. One of this lucky myb2uty fan handwriting belongs to Kim, one of our MYKPOP staff.

Jiyoung tweeted : Today we going 2 malaysia So happy.and admire everythings^^wait for us. See u tomorrow~miss parents

many have tweeted back to Jiyoung post, saying "we can't wait to see you too!" "hurry back and meet your parents" "we be waiting!"

Fans are excited about the Cube family that will be arriving to Malaysia today. And a welcome troupe by Universal Music Malaysia which consist of Beast, 4minute and lucky fans will be waiting for the Cube artists at the airport.

Meanwhile fans have been preparing for the Digi Kpop Live Party, the event of the year 2011. Projects and fan chants are also been prepared as a gift for the Cube artists. If you haven't got your tickets, Digi have informed that tickets are still available untill Wednesday night seeing the good response and feedback from fans while other stores that has run out of the tickets will be restock. MYKPOP hope that you guys have fun there and please mind your safety during the concert.

Source: jiyong1212@twitter

[TWEET] 4Minute JiHyun is not feeling well

4 Minute's Leadja Jihyun is not feeling well due to the weather in Malaysia. Korea is still in winter time and because of the direct climate change, our gorgeous Nam Jihyun face some coughing.

Hope you will get better soon LEADJA NAMJIHYUN !
Mykpop wishes you Good Luck for tonight's concert. same goes to the other 4Minute members .

Credit :
Photo : nam jinhyun yfrog

[NEWS] DiGi LIVE K-Pop Party 2011 Event Coverage Part 1

As you all know, the biggest Kpop event in Malaysia will be happening tonight at 8 p.m. DiGi is generous enough to bring us not 1, not 2 but 3 Kpop idols (Beast, 4Minute and G.Na) to perform just for Malaysian Kpop lover. All the idols except Dongwoon from Beast safely arrived yesterday around 5 p.m while Dongwoon arrived a little bit late around 12 a.m. due to his commitment as a college student.

Meanwhile, Kikwang from Beast however is unable to attend this event due to scheduling conflict where he have to do a recording for a TV program. Despite all that, other idols are able to attend the event. So, here are some pictures taken at today's press conference.



and BEAST!


Beast, 4Minute and G.Na from G.Na's yfrog

Written by: Aikara @MYKPOP
Picture: DiGi Youths
Fully credit if taken out and no additional credit.

[PIC] MYKPOP gift for B2ST

Tonight there will be the most happening opening for 2011at Stadium Negara ! 4Minute, & B2ST, idol groups from Korea has come down to Malaysia to perform their new songs. Malaysia recently has been invaded and addicted to the Korean Wave. And tonight will be a night that none of the Kpop fans want to miss.

One of our admin, Yuuna bought a trophy-looked-glass as a gift for B2ST. it has a design of the Twin Tower, the KL Tower, and most importantly our Jalur Gemilang ! This will help B2ST to always remember to come back to Malaysia. Same goes to 4 Minute and

For B2ST from MYKPOP Admin Yuuna 

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

[TWEET] Min from MissA wants to meet her fans from Malaysia

Today, Min from MissA, a group under JYP Ent. posted on her twitter about meeting her fans in Malaysia. She asked about the weather in Malaysia and many Malaysian replied her tweet by explaining to her what Malaysia is really like. Eg: "It's quite hot but windy, come to m'sia soon!" and hoping to see MissA in Malaysia soon.

Min seems to agree with her Malaysian fans responds and replied 'Of course I'd love too :-)'

This might be a good sign for JYP Ent. fans in Malaysia. Recently in a reality show titled Happy Together, Seulong from 2AM mentioned about Malaysia & Malaysian fans wearing scarf or commonly known as 'tudung' . they were pretty amazed by the huge numbers of fans here.

Hopefully in 2011, Idols such as 2PM, 2AM, MissA & Wonder girls (again) will come down to perform in Malaysia. Let's keep supporting them and also the other KPOP artist and spread the Korean Wave.

Source : missA_min at twitter
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

[PLANNING] MYKPOP Official T-shirt - survey

*click image for larger view*

this is our official t-shirt but we're still putting it in 'planning' because we want to see how many would buy.
so if you want this T-shirt to be in your closet with your other KPOP T-shirts, please help us spread the word by pressing 'like button'. 


Saturday, January 1, 2011

[PROJECT][MY7DESIRES] Pocket Calendar Distribution

picture by


I'm here again.teheee =p
Our new project is coming again.I hope this time we can have more participant!><
The project is fun yet simple.!
What we need here is your co-operation and willingness to help!

We know that DIGILive KPOP PARTY is soon to be held in our warm country right?>< * CANT wait!*
So,instead of wasting this rare opportunity when all kpop fans are in a place,we can do something more beneficial.

So,this is what we'r going to do!PLEASE READ CAREFULLY^^

The purpose of this project is to introduce TOUCH to all Malaysian kpopers.
We'll be distributing a small pocket calenders to all kpop fans that turn up during the 13th Jan.We'r going to make like 1000 copies.Yes,we'r distributing for free! Don't worry about the cost~ =)

YOU! Yes you!^^
Enthusiasm is the key for this project to be a success!><

Those who wants to help us please comment here by stating your name + twitter + FB contacts.

We'll meet up at some place during 13th Jan and I'll distribute to you guys all the copies.Then,I'll assign who will be in charge at this area at that area .Then just distribute those to all kpop fans that come for the kpoplive party ^^

by bina89@MY7DESIRES

more details can be found at MY7DESIRES FORUM or MY7DESIRES Facebook