Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[ANNOUNCEMENT] MYKPOP 100th Anniversary

annyeong chinggus!
how is everybody doing? i bet well ^^ if you haven't noticed, it's almost 100 day we knew each other. well not exactly 100 day, but almost. it's on the 5th of June 2010. since it's a special day, MyKPOP staff and I discussed and we decided to pull out a few contest. dont worry, all members from MyKPOP are welcome. plus there will be new rules in the forum, amazing gifts, monthly game, and loads of surprises to come ^^


-> Unlimited spazzing
-> To those who want to sell their stuff at MyKPOP Stores, no need to pay anymore and you can have your own subforum (do PM me if you want to apply)
-> icons can use up to size 150x150
-> siggys maximum 2 only, size max 400x150
-> No Bashing or you will get banned/warn (i'm not going to be flexible about this anymore)

★GAMES (100th day) ★


-> a member of MyKPOP
-> total posts must be 50 and above to participate
-> Unlimited participations
-> follow procedure correctly

-> special name title
-> KPOP album/merchandise

'SP-i' - Self Pic Imitation

About SP-i : it's a simple game, i bet everyone can do it. all you have to do is a little dress up and maybe makeup? you have to imitate any kpop idols photo, even better if you could do the latest kpop idol photos. eg: Rain, 2PM, Hyori...etc.

How To Join?
-> choose your KPOP idol
-> dress up and imitate their pose (must have similarities)
-> upload your SP-i
-> PM me your details before 11th June 2010

Name :
Username :
Photo url : (your Photo & your KPOP idol photo that you imitated)
Total of photo :
Fav KPOP Star :
Dream Album : (if you win, we will take ur answer as your gift)


About 'JOIN & WIN' : if you are shy to show a photo of you, then you can participate this contest. it's not that easy but it will be fun ^^

How To Join?

-> Grab one (or more) MYKPOP SIGGYS
-> use it in any other forums, like MyHottest, Myb2utys, Mysone...etc.
-> spread the words about MyKPOP and invite them to join.
->you must keep track on the person you invited,once they have successfully register here in MyKPOP, you have to remember their usernames
-> PM me this details before 11th June 2010

Name :
Username :
Total members joined MyKPOP :
list of their usernames :
Fav KPOP Star :
Dream Album : (if you win, we will take ur answer as your gift)



About the game :obviously you can understand the meaning by looking at the title. well this might be a little hard, it is similar to treasure hunt, but a bit easy. all will be done in the forum/twitter/FB. every month MyKPOP Admin will post out 10 questions. either in twitter or FB. and every month will have winners. winners will be rewarded 1 reputation point. until the end of the year, member/staff who have the most points will win a KPOP album/merchandise. tempting isn't it? kekke~ read the steps below to participate ^^

How To Join?
1. be alert whenever MyKPOP will give out the 1st Question
2. note down the question together with your answer and save it in microsoft word.
3. until you collected the 10th Question, answer it quickly and be the first to hand me all the answers.
4. email your answers to me at maiya_cr7@yahoo.co.uk

*everytime you win, you will get 1 point. by the end of the year, if you managed to collect the highest points, you will get your gift anytime soon ^^