Friday, March 26, 2010


Last night (12/3) was the due date for the MYKPOP LOGO DESIGN Contest
After awaiting for submitions of logo designs from MYKPOP members, we have finally found a winner.

Congratulations to Lizzy!
Her artwork has now become the OFFICIAL MYKPOP LOGO

To the others who took part in this contest, first of all thank you all for participating and don't be discouraged because MYKPOP will be holding more contests in the future. So, look forward to it.

Congratulations once again to Lizzy!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


MYKPOP is currently looking for staffs for our forum. Any kpop fans from Malaysia! No experience? Still young? Don't worry, anyone can apply as long as you think you have the this criteria.

Qualification for staff:
- Dedicated
- Update regularly
- Stay active
- With/without experience handling forums
- Can cooperate with others
- Can be in any Kpop fandom fan (eg: ELF, Black Jack, Hottest)

We are currently looking for :

1. Super Moderator
- Will be in charge of all the topic thread.
- Make sure there's no spamming, no bashing, no cursing, no racist topics, no pornography, no politics and no unpleasant topics anywhere in the forum.
- They are like the Global Moderators, and the right hand man for the admins.

2. Moderator
- Please state you wanna moderate for which kpop idol.
- Be specific whether you wanna moderate in posting news or pics etc.
- Each company will be needing 6 moderators. 3 news, 3 pictures/lyrics.
- These 6 moderator can take turns to in charge in either news section or picture/lyrics section.

We need more :
JYP Mod - 3 2
SM Mod - 4
YG Mod - 5 4
DSP Mod - 6 (We really need SS501, Kara and Rainbow's fans out there.)
3. MYEntertainment
- Make sure the fanfics content are appropriate to be read.
- The fanfics are label/tag correctly.
- Make sure topics are label/tag correctly.
- Take appropriate actions against bashing or harsh comments.
- Open new threads to discuss with other members.

We need 6 moderator for this :
2 1 moderator for fanfic thread
2 moderator for game thread
2 1 moderator for drama and movie thread

4. Subbing team
- Sub all the latest idol shows.
- As many as we can get.
JYP subbing team
SM subbing team
YG subbing team
DSP subbing team
5. Graphic designers!
- Create graphics like affliates, logo, banners...etc.
- Must be good in adobe photoshop.
- We really need someone who is talented!
- You can join our contest if you want to show your talent.

6. Translator (Korea to English)
- Translate articles from hangeul to english.
- Anyone who can read and understand hangeul are welcome.
- As many as we can get.

7. Uploader
- Manage the video and audio section.

8. Donator
- Willing to contribute every year for forum projects.

Special privileged will be given:

1. Get to choose the birthday gift for their favorite kpop idol.
2. Special surprise gift for their birthday.
3. Invitation for any kpop events.

(this is not finalized,we are still talking with the staff about this)
9. Blogger
- Manage and update news, events and projects made by mykpop into MYKPOP! blogger account. We need only 2 people for these. Currently unavailable, since both me and Geoul have taken this position ^^

So, anyone who's interested in any of the position above, you can just apply by replying with your following details at the forum:
Forum Username:
Position apply:
How often you can online/will log into this forum:

Do apply anytime if you think you are capable to handle the position. But if you don't want to take any of the position, we are welcoming you to become one of our member there (and here!). Have fun and help us spread this news!

[CONTEST] Mykpop Logo Design

MYKPOP is opening our first ever contest, Logo Contest! This contest is open only among MYKPOP members, so if you are still not one of us, what are you waiting for? Quick and register here now ^^

Objective : To make this site easy to be recognized by all kpop fans out there.

Rules :
- Colour = Black, White, Orange
- Title = MYKPOP
- Wordings/Motto = KPOP@HEART (You don't have to put this if you don't want to)
- Size = 200x200
- Must not consist any of the artist photo
- Please make the logo as MYKPOP not KPOP@HEART
- If the logo has something other then the stated rules, your artwork will be disqualified.

The logo must be submitted on the 25th March 2010, before 12 midnight. Each participant can submit more than 3 sets of logo. I know its only 2 days more, but you it is never too late to try, right?

If you want to join this contest, please PM your artworks to KingReen, nur and miss_yuuna. The winner logo that were selected by our own admins will be featured in our videos and also our forum t-shirt (in the future). Plus, you will be one of our head graphic designers!

If you think you have the talent, do come and join this contest! We really need young and talented graphic designer for our site. Fighting and good luck to all!~ wink.gif

Introducing MYKPOP


First of all, lets all say "mansae!"(hooray) 3 times.

To all Malaysian K-pop fans, guess what?
As you all know, k-pop fandom in Malaysia is expanding rapidly this year, so our mission here is to further expand the fan base and unite all kpop fans under one roof which we call MYKPOP!

Started on the 5th of March of 2010, we are still new and still in the making.
Thanks to our founder Kingreen and all of our Admins we have reached 80 members in almost one month. Not bad =)

We've always thought and believed that there are kpop fans out there more than we know it.
We're searching for members to improve and develop the kpop fan base in Malaysia plus, we also accept kpop fans from all over the world with open arms and a welcome heart!

So what are you waiting for, dont hesitate and it's never too late to register as a member of mykpop.
Don't worry, we are closer than you think.
We have set up our own account on facebook and twitter so it'll be easier for you to connect with us and take note of the latest information about our events, gathering and contests.




Join us and have fun!
Dont forget! Help us promote this site by telling your friends about us!