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[NEWS] Get Your Passes For The Hottest Event To Kick Off The Year 2011!

KPop Music Party 2011 Malaysia

Get Your Passes For The Hottest Event To Kick Off The Year 2011!
If you want to see BEAST, 4MINUTE and G.NA perform live at the biggest K-Pop Party ever in Malaysia, then head on down to the presale event in 1Utama on 5th December to find out how you can obtain the passes for this awesome event. Trust us, you do not want to miss out on the massive K-Pop hysteria that will descend upon Malaysian shores in January 2011!

Date : 5 December 2010
Time : 2.00pm
Venue : 1Utama New Wing, Ground Floor Main Entrance (near Armani Exchange)


Find out more at:

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[NEWS] Beast and Dalmatian Collaboration

It has been confirmed by Melon that Beast and Dalmatian will do a collaboration for a song 첫 눈 그리고 첫 키스 (The First Snow and First Kiss). The digital single will be released on the 29th.

The Movement Crew

The Movement is a Group of Allstars Korean HipHopers/Rappers/Djs~

· Uptown
· Curbin of CB MASS
· DJ Shine of Drunken Tiger
· Ann
· Microdot of All black
· Hep Tha Tightest
· DYP Tha Goldchild
· Entice

· Drunken Tiger - Tiger JK (+Micki Eyes, DJ JHiG, Roscoe Umali, Xrae, David Kempo Han)
· Dynamic Duo - Gaeko, Choiza
· T aka Yoon Mi-Rae
· Thanos
· Mongo Fresh
· Sean2Slow
· Buga Kingz - Bobby Kim, Juvie Train, Gan-D
· Deegie
· Epik High - Tablo, Mithra Jin, DJ Tukutz
· TBNY - Topbob, Yankie
· LeeSsang - Garie, Kill (Gil)
· MC K
· Eunjiwon
· Double K
· Dok2
· Bizzy
· Explicit Linez aka EXP

· Kim Jin-Pyo (Music Farm)
· Digiri (CULT Entertainment)
· Yoon Do Hyun Band (Daeum Entertainment)
· Psy (Pan Entertainment)
· PaloAlto (Jungle Entertainment)
· Jung-In (Jungle Entertainment)
· Supreme Team (Amoeba Culture)
· 0CD (Amoeba Culture)
· The Quiett (Soul Company)
· Loptimist (Soul Company)
· Neogupshany of Souldive (independent)
· MYK (MapTheSoul.com)
· BeatBox DG (MapTheSoul.com)
· Planet Shiver (5oundation Records/ MapTheSoul.com)
· Dumbfoundead (independent)
· 2winS (Kaba Entertainment)



· Tiger JK's solo album, produced by Micki Eyes, "Call Me Tiger" released in USA

· Tiger JK meets DJ Mr. E and DJ JHiG in LA

· Roscoe Umali and DJ JHiG releases their first album, "Glossalalics" in USA

· Tiger JK, Mick Eyes and DJ Mr.E team up, start a group, Drunken Tiger
· DJ Mr.E change his name to DJ Shine
· Drunken Tiger moves to Korea

· Drunken Tiger signed in by Doremi Records in Korea.

· Drunken Tiger makes a debut in mainstream with their first album, "Year of the Tiger"

· DJ JHiG and Roscoe Umali joins Drunken Tiger as background members (Tiger Clan)
· The Movement Crew founded by Drunken Tiger, CB MASS, Uptown and Thanos
· DT's 2nd album, "The Great Rebirth" released in March· Movement Crew started with a track called 'The Movement' in DT's 2nd album, with Tasha of Uptown, CB MASS and Kim Jin-Pyo during April
· Uptown members besides Tasha leave The Movement
· Tashannie makes a debut in mainstream
· CB MASS makes a debut in mainstream with their 1st Album "MASSMEDIAH"
· "Movement II" released with CB MASS's 1st Album "MASSMEDIAH" during September
· [1st Drunken Tiger Concert] on 15th September, Korea
· Sean2Slow inducted
· Bobby Kim and Juvie Train inducted


· EXP inducted
· Deegie inducted
· Gan-D inducted
· Bobby Kim makes a debut in mainstream again as 'Buga Kingz' along with Juvie Train and Gan-D
· "Movement III" released with CB MASS's 2nd Album "MASSMATICS" during October
· Deegie's major disses in his album "Insane Deegie", towards past president Kim Young-Sam, all the journalists
· Tasha starts a solo career under the moniker 'T'
· Ann inducted
· [Drunken Tiger Live] in Japan on 17th November
· YDG inducted
· LeeSsang inducted
· [Drunken Tiger Washington D.C. Concert] in USA, 15th December

· Epik High and TBNY inducted
· Eunjiwon, former member of Sechs Kies inducted
· VIP Incident

· Juvie Train enlisted in the army
· Double K inducted
· Deegie comes back
· MC K inducted
· [THE MOVEMENT DRUNKEN TIGER Live Concert] on 27th July
· CB MASS break up after their 3rd album "MASSAPPEAL"
· Former CB MASS members, Gaeko and Choiza forms a duo

· Epik High makes a debut in mainstream with their late released first album
· Mongo Fresh inducted
· Choiza and Gaeko together make a debut again in mainstream as Dynamic Duo
· Double K makes a debut in mainstream with his first album "Positive Mind"
· DJ JHiG start a record label, AOW Records, Roscoe Umaili signed under the label
· MC K leaves The Movement
· Tiger JK holds first concert without Shine in December but with Bizzy who did Shine's parts
· Bizzy inducted to The Movement

· Juvie Train comes back
· DJ Shine officially leaves Drunken Tiger and The Movement Crew to start owning a business
· Youngest Hip-Hop duo All Black inducted
· Epik High's 3rd album, "Swan Songs", becomes a mainstream hit in the Korean music industry.

· TBNY makes a debut in mainstream with their first LP "Masquerade"
· Ann retires and leaves The Movement
· Dynamic Duo starts a label, Amoeba Culture
· All Black makes a debut in mainstream with their first EP "Chapter One"
· [MOVEMENT CONCERT] on 13th May
· Tiger JK leaves Doremi Records
· Tiger JK starts Jungle Entertainment with T and Bizzy

· MC K reinducted to The Movement, also signed under Jungle Entertainment
· All Black breaks up, Microdot retires and leaves The Movement Crew
· Tiger JK and T (Yoon Mi-Rae) finally marries during June

· Tiger JK and T's son, Jordan (Joh-Dan) Suh is born during March
· Sean2Slow gets married
· YDG enlisted in the army
· Bizzy makes a debut in mainstream with his new EP "Bizzionary"
· "Movement 4" released with Bizzy's EP "Bizzionary" during June
· Epik High leaves Woolim Entertainment

· Epik High starts "Map the Soul Inc." as their independent label
· Epik High
World Tour (26th April~23rd May), staging in Japan, Korea, San Francisco, LA, NY, Seattle
· Dok2 signed under MapTheSoul.com
· Dynamic Duo (both Choiza and Gaeko) enlisted in the army
· DJ Tukutz gets married
· DJ Tukutz enlisted in the army
· Tablo gets married

· Deegie gets married
· YDG comes back



· Drunken Tiger - MNET Music Video Festival (Best Hip-Hop Video)
· Drunken Tiger - 13th High1 Seoul Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist)

· Drunken Tiger - 14th High1 Seoul Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist)
· Drunken Tiger - 18th Golden Disc Awards (Best Hip-Hop Track - 'Thumbs')
· Eunjiwon - SBS Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist)
· Eunjiwon - KMTV Korean Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist)

· Buga Kingz -15th High1 Seoul Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist)

· Double K - Mnet KM Music Festival (Best Rookie of the Year)


· Bobby Kim - 2nd Korean Mainstream Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist)
· Drunken Tiger - 20th Korean Golden Disk Awards (Best Music Video

· Drunken Tiger - MNET KM Music Festival Awards (Music Video Of The Year)

· Epik High - MNET KM Music Festival Awards (Best Hip-Hop Music Video)

· Epik High - KBS Music Awards (Artist of the Year)

· Epik High - SBS Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist)

· Epik High - 20th Korean Golden Disk Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist)


· Epik High - SBS Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist)


· Drunken Tiger - MTV Kountdown (#1 Korean Hip-Hop Artist of All-Time)

· Drunken Tiger - MNET KM Music Festival (Best Hip-Hop Artist)

· Drunken Tiger - MNET KM Music Festival (Best Song of the Year - '8:45 Heaven')

· Drunken Tiger - MNET KM Music Festival (Best Lyrics)

· Dynamic Duo - 22nd Korean Golden Disk Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist)

· Epik High - 22nd Korean Golden Disk Awards (Bonsang - 'Fan' (traditional remix during performance))

· Epik High - MNET KM Music Festival (Album of the Year - 'Remapping the Human Soul')

· Epik High - MNET KM Music Festival (Best Hip-Hop Track - 'Fan')

· Epik High - KBS Music Awards (Best Artist of the Year)

· Epik High - 17th High1 Seoul Music Awards (Album of the Year - 'Remapping The Human Soul')


· Drunken Tiger - 5th Korean Mainstream Music Awards (Best R&B/Soul Track of the Year - Producer)

· Drunken Tiger - 5th Korean Mainstream Music Awards (Best R&B/Soul Record of the Year - Producer)

· Drunken Tiger - 5th Korean Mainstream Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop Track of the Year - Artist)

· Epik High - 5th Korean Mainstream Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop Album)

· Epik High - 5th Korean Mainstream Music Awards (Viewer's Choice Award)

· Epik High - MNET KM Music Festival (Best Hip-Hop Artist)

· Epik High - MNET KM Music Festival (Best Lyrics)

· Tablo - MNET KM Music Festival (Best Track Arrangement - 'One')

· Yoon MiRae - 5th Korean Mainstream Music Awards (Best R&B and Soul Album - 'Rhapsody pt. 2')


· Bobby Kim - 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards (Best R&B Artist)
· Drunken Tiger - Style Icon Awards (Best Male Solo Artist)
· Drunken Tiger - MNET Asian Music Awards (Best Male Solo Artist)

· Drunken Tiger - 24th Korean Golden Disk Awards (Bonsang)

· Drunken Tiger - 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist)

· Drunken Tiger - 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards (Album of the Year - 'Feel gHood Muzik: The 8th Wonder')

· Epik High - 24th Korean Golden Disk Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist)

· LeeSsang - MNET Asian Music Awards (Best Hip-Hop Artist)

· Gil of LeeSsang - MBC TV Variety & Comedy Awards (Best Male Variety Rookie of the Year)

[About Tiger JK aka Drunken Tiger]

Drunken Tiger is often given credit as being one of South Korea's greatest hip-hop pioneers. In 1999, when packaged pop and redundant ballads dominated Korea's music industry, Drunken Tiger debuted and challenged the system with their unique hip hop sound and realistic lyrics. Drunken Tiger's straightforward approach made them one of the most controversial figures in Korea's conservative media. However, without their willingness to challenge music and societal conventions, Korean hip-hop would not be where it is today. To date Drunken Tiger remain as one of Korea's most respected hip-hop figures.

After the release of their second album, Tiger JK was convicted of narcotics possession, despite his claims of innocence. Due to lack of evidence, he is now back to making music with Drunken Tiger.

Several of their songs are featured in Pump It Up, a Korean music video game. The song Betrayer was made by BanYa, Pump It Up's in-house group, and features Drunken Tiger as vocals, and I Want You from their first album is also used.

Their lyrics often mix English as well as Korean, and sometimes they do two versions of a song. Recent albums were done mostly in Korean, however, and the recent leave of DJ Shine left Tiger JK to create the 6th album as he saw fit. The result of this was a very different sound from the earlier albums, with sounds influenced from reggae and African music.

Drunken Tiger founded the Movement Crew, which is a collective of Korean hip-hop artists.

DJ Shine left Drunken Tiger in 2003 for personal reasons.

[Tiger JK aka Drunken Tiger Interviews:-]

In the beginning of your career, were you afraid of not being accepted by the public or not being successful?

I was young, stupid, smiling fool at the edge of a cliff. I did it because I loved it. All I wanted to do was show people that there’s something else other than what’s been shown to them. Not to sound arrogant, I was actually excited about the challenges and obstacles I was facing. I felt invincible, a rebellious punk who thought that going against the system was cool. I wasn’t even that good, but I thought I was (haha). I know that I am still learning and I have more room to grow musically and spiritually. I haven’t reached the top yet, but I am afraid of where this interview will take me.

Which phase during your career was the most outstanding?

I was never the center of attention throughout my career. There’s always that group that sensationalized the industry like these boy/girl groups these days. I never got the spotlight. I didn’t do a lot of TV, which people thought was mandatory in order to reach that stardom. I just did my own thing. I rocked shows–many many shows–places that not many stars even knew existed or would never even attempt to visit. Sometimes there would be a karaoke machine on stage and no speakers. I rocked shows with megaphones. One time I folded up a cardboard box and rapped with it. I got into a bike accident once, flipped in the air like Jet Li, hit the ground, and still had to go on stage. I was diagnosed with this rare incurable illness, transverse myelitis. I was getting paralyzed, but I flew out to Taiwan to rock shows in front of foreigners that didn’t even know who I was.

This is just a fraction of my past to let you know how I got here, to the present moment. Looking back on it, the good and bad, all the phases that I’ve been through helped make me who I am. Actually, I think the most outstanding phase is going to be after this interview! LOL

The current Korean music can sometimes be hard, especially for those who are still trying to break into it. Except your passion for music, what motivates you to keep creating your songs?

Love. It could be love for my family, my son, and all the fans that stuck by me through this incredible journey. And now, there’s new friends that I meet along the way unexpectedly.

The infinite possibilities of the unknown. I’m very intrigued by nature’s way of putting things in front of me. Of course, I don’t want to be in harm’s way, but I love running into new places. Tiger in the wonderland. When people write me about how my song changed their lives in a positive way, or a line from my rap made them cry, I feel like I was meant to do this.

Having said that, to be completely honest, love for the money is also a factor. LOL

You and your wife recently were guest judges for Superstar K 2’s LA auditions. What was that like? What was the criteria you used to judge the contestants?

I don’t like being a judge. When I first started out, almost every labels and A&R ass**** told me my music was terrible. They called me all kinds of things, critiquing what they could. My height, weight, the way I walked, the way I talked, etc… but I’m here laughing at them now, so who am I to judge?

T and I refused to do the show a couple of times, but thought that it was cool to be out there and see what was going on. We didn’t take it lightly though. Some folks just wanted the TV time, and some folks were dead serious about their music. I just went with my gut feeling and hoped that they get to wherever they wanted to get to. One of the dudes that we picked got to the top 2 [John Park, former American Idol contestant], so it wasn’t so bad I guess. There are some folks that were really fresh that did not get picked. Hopefully they don’t quit.

Family Photo - Jordan (son), JK, Tasha

Together both you and Tasha make the most famous hip hop couple in the Korean music industry. She’s also considered one of the top hip-hop artists there. How is it like to live with her?

I just hold her purse for her when she signs autographs, and adjust the mic for her when she’s about to record. I don’t do much.

Tasha is the truth. She is the real deal. She’s the one person that deserves more respect and fame and all that good sh*t that come along with it. No disrespect to any female artists who’s doing it out there. But to me, male or female, she is the best. It could be her fault also for not showing what’s she’s got. She is content with her life. I’v never seen her be greedy or being bitter. She ain’t a hater, she loves. Now she in love with baby Jordan. I do not exist for now haha. She’s low key. She’s shy and doesn’t like attention too much. I’m about to change all that. She could be the idol. Like I said, she’s the truth and I’m a lie, therefore we need each other. It gets hectic sometimes because we got to put on that game face. Always traveling, rocking shows, being away from the family… Girls be loving the Caliente tigaro too, but she understands that I am the king and she’s my queen forever.

What’s the process like when you make music? Do your songs follow a line of reasoning on each record? What do they talk about?

I like to break down my album like a movie. From the 1st track to the last track, even the skits have a purpose in the album. It’s like I’m writing a script for a movie.

I do a lot of storytelling. Too bad that ya’ll can’t understand because it’s fresh haha. I guess like any other artists, I write about what I’m going through, mentally, spiritually, physically, and financially at that time. My 7th album, Sky is the Limit, is a very honest record. I wrote “8:45 Heaven” the day my grandma passed. If you listen to the record, you can hear me crying in the booth. You can hear my voice cracking and I’m off beat at times, but I let it go.

In the song “I Hate Myself,” I talk about how I hate everybody. I was really ill then, and I was hating, but Tasha comes in the hook and balances hate with love. It’s cliche, but an honest record.

For my last album, I split it into two sides, good side (Feel Ghood) and hood side (Feel Hood). On the Feel Ghood side, I talk about how everything started with love. My hopes and dreams, sex, mating, dating, being a father, battling with myself and battling with my illness. I make fun of it all, even dealing with my pain. On the Feel Hood side, I talk about the other part of me, the dark side. Loneliness as a disabled man, trying to find the answer to “why me?” ,why God chose me to go through this pain, and I get into thug mentality. “JET PACK” and “QUESTIONZ” “TRUE ROMANCE” and “MONSTER,” it’s an actioned packed B movie.

GOOD AND HOOD–it’s ME stomping on all of them demons and evils. I’m a monster.

Custom Autograph

In 2010 January you discovered your fanbase in Brazil, who responded warmly to all the attention you paid to them. What is the biggest difference you feel between the Korean and the Brazilian fans?

"It’s only been maybe a year, and I realized I had some people that knew who I was and were digging my music. It all happened coincidentally, when I started tweeting."

I thought it was corny texting and reporting what I’m doing in that box, but I didn’t really understand what it was. My homies were all into it, and actually one of my homies set up the account for me and told me to write something. In the beginning, people from Brasil were the most receptive to my drunken ramblings. They tolerated my spam haha. I also realized that they weren’t all my fans. They just followed me because I knew some of the artists that they digged.

Anyway, although there weren’t many, fans from Brasil were the first ones to set up my fansite overseas other than the States [DrunkenCamp]. They were very passionate about letting me know that they have my back. They got Paulo Coelho to follow me and that was amazing. They made me a trend topic twice in Brasil just for fun. I don’t wanna’ get hated by peeps out there though, because I know there are more important things than but i ain’t gon lie. I loved every moment of it. Sending me letters and gifts all the way from Brasil, them packages travelled from far away to get here. It’s probably my ego tripping, but this motivates me to think bigger and dream more. With music, I can reach people all over the world. Fame I don’t mind, but I could live without out. When I can move people with music, we could do great things together. I’m trying to give back. I am going to be that idol and make them proud. I am going to make it out there to show my appreciation. I’m just waiting for me to get that big so I could get the ticket to make it out there haha. It’s gonna’ take some time, but it will happen.

I want to visit where my fans are. It doesn’t matter if it’s just three. I want to meet the people that had love for me from the beginning. I want to visit The Paulo Coelho Foundation and those 300 kids. Hopefully they can show me around.

What are your biggest influences? Besides North American artists, are there any Korean artists that have influenced you in your career?

I listen to old Korean funk music, 70′s 60′s music. They got soul and their lyrics are so real, like Slick Rick style. I listen to all kinds of music all the time. It’s always on in my crib. Jordan won’t let me press the stop button. I’m even influenced by nursery rhymes and cartoon theme songs. Personally I’m into reggae music. If you listen to my album, you could hear mad influences from reggae music.

Do you have any musical influences from Brazil? If yes, would you like to collaborate with any Brazilian artists?

From samba, bossa nova, to jazz music. They are so many artists that I look up to. I listened to the CDs you sent to me, and I’m following a few hip hop artists on twitter as well. Hopefully, one day I could do something with them. I would love to work with some of the singers out there. They got beautiful voices. I’ll rap in Korean and they’ll sing in Portuguese. It’ll be world music.

Recently you did a collaboration with the Japanese rapper, ZEEBRA. What was that experience like? Do you have any plans to collaborate with any other foreign artists?

Zeebra’s my dude. He’s the OG in Japan. We rocked shows together and just respected each other’s music. We’re planning something right now. Link up all the OGs representing their countries. Zeebra and his crew from Japan, Titanium from Thailand, Roscoe Umali and his homies from Philippines, and us. I’ll let the music speak for itself when it comes out. I don’t want to give away too many names yet. With that, I’d like to give a shoutout to Rakim, the living legend, and Rakaa from Dilated Peoples for jumpin’ on my record. I was honored to have worked with them. Ya’ll should check them out as well.

JK Jumping Into The Crowd - R16 2009

For you, what was the most unforgettable moment from all your concerts? How do you feel on stage?

The most unforgettable moment is when I filled a stadium. I didn’t think I could fill up the whole stadium. Hip-Hop music has come a long way and I came a long way with it, but compared to these pop music acts, it’s still underground. I was also in bad shape then due to my illness. I hated getting up on stage with a cane. People thought that it was my stage prop or my new style or something.

Concerts are highly addictive. You feel like you are aviating, hearing almost 10,000 people rapping my verse and singing the hook. As I move my fingers, they move with them. The crowds are like an extension of my soul just wilding out. Pure madness in the most elated state. After a show like that, your body’s aching from jumping around and your voice is all gone. When it gets silent, just me in the car going back home, it gets depressing.

We know you are busy now with the final details for Tasha’s new album. However, what are your plans for your next album?

Tasha’s album is going to shake the world. She’s taking her time with it. I’m not saying that taking a long time to build the record means a dope record, but she’s taking it to the next level. I’m just being patient with it. Tasha is going to be the new idol of the world. I promise ya’ll we’re going to make it happen haha.

We’re working on another project with Illmind, Roscoe, and Styliztik Jones as well. Rakaa from Dilated Peoples solo album’s about to drop under Jungle Entertainment. We did a posse cut on it also. It’s a limited edition with a bonus track produced by Illmind and featuring me, Tasha, Roscoe, and Stylez.

K-Pop is big and it’s opening doors for all of us. I’m connecting with people from all over the world because K-Pop’s blowing up, so I appreciate that movement. Hopefully ya’ll invite me as well so I could walk through that door.

Finally, do you have any plans for a world tour? What countries would you like to visit?

After Tasha’s solo album and this project album’s done, we’re going to tour worldwide. We’re going to tour about ten cities in the States. Hopefully by then I’ll be doing interviews in Brasil. I’m leaving Tasha at home when I go to Brasil. It’ll be a different country code. I get to party, word!

I also want to go to Indonesia"where the hack is Malaysia?". So far Brasil and Indonesia have been showing me mad love. I will be there, even if it takes a backpacking adventure to meet a few people. Watch what I do, and thanks for this opportunity to connect with yall.

Love and peace from the DR, unk the suvaco funk aka Caliente. May the force be with yall.

[Interview Credits to DT Brasil]

The Movement IV

Introduction of The Movement - Fan Made

Movement IV - Bizzy & The Movement

Movement III - CBMass Mediah & The Movement

Movement II - CBMass & The Movement

Movement I - Drunken Tiger aka Tiger JK

Pictures of The Movement Crews

Tiger JK aka Drunken Tiger

T - Tasha Reid - Yoon Mirae

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Have you ever wonder if the twitter account of your favourite Kpop celebrities is a fake? Or have you ever follow a fake twitter account and fear to follow anymore because you might been fooled for the second time? Well, fear no more. Here I will provide you with the list of Kpop celebrities official twitter account.

2AM Changmin/2AM 창민 http://twitter.com/2AMCHANGMIN

2AM Jinwoon/2AM 진운 http://twitter.com/2AMjinwoon

2AM Jokwon/2AM 조권 http://twitter.com/2AMkwon

2AM Seullong/2AM 슬옹 http://twitter.com/2among

2PM Chansung/2PM 찬성 http://twitter.com/2PMagreement211

2PM Junho/2PM 준호 http://twitter.com/dlwnsghek

2PM Junsu/2PM 준수 http://twitter.com/Jun2daKAY

2PM Nikchun/2PM 닉쿤 http://twitter.com/Khunnie0624

2PM Taecyeon/2PM 택연 http://twitter.com/taeccool

2PM WooYoung/2PM 우영 http://twitter.com/NBA0430

4MEN Kim Won Joo/포맨 김원주 @4menwonjoo

4MEN Yong Jae Shin/포맨 용재신 @YongJaeShin

4MINUTE Hyun Ah/포미닛 현아 @4M_hyunah

4MINUTE So Hyeon/포미닛 소현 @4M_sohyeon

8EIGHT Baek Chan/에이트 백찬 @8baekchan

8EIGHT Joo Hee/에이트 주희 @joohee9

8EIGHT Lee Hyeon/에이트 이현 @thehyun11

AFTER SCHOOL Bekah/애프터스쿨 베카 http://twitter.com/__BEKAH

AFTER SCHOOL Gahee/애프터스쿨 가히 http://twitter.com/MISSKAHI

AFTER SCHOOL Joo Yeon/애프터스쿨 주연 http://twitter.com/ASJuPal

AFTER SCHOOL Lizzy/애프터스쿨 리지 https://twitter.com/Lizzy_sy

AFTER SCHOOL Nana/애프터스쿨 나나 http://twitter.com/ASNaNaa

AFTER SCHOOL Raina/애프터스쿨 레이나 http://twitter.com/raina57

AFTER SCHOOL Uee/애프터스쿨 유이 http://twitter.com/uuuei

APPLE GIRL Kim Yeo Hee/애플걸 김여희 http://twitter.com/0applegirl0

B2ST Dong Woon/비스트 동운 @beastdw

B2ST Doo Joon/비스트 두준 @BeeeestDJ

B2ST Gi Kwang/비스트 이기광 @b2stgk

B2ST Hyun Seung/비스트 현승 @

B2ST Joon Hyeong/비스트 준형 @Joker891219

B2ST Yo Seob/비스트 양요섭 @helloimys

Bada/최성희 @Bada0228

Bae Doona/배두나 http://twitter.com/doonazzang

Baek Boram/백보람 http://twitter.com/baekboram

Baek Jae Ho/백재호 @BaekJaeho

Bang Eun Young/방은영 @Bang1982

BEG Kim Hyo Jin/브라운아이드걸스 김효진 http://twitter.com/Jeaworld

BEG Miryo/브라운아이드걸스 미료 http://twitter.com/MIRYOakaJOHONEY

BEG Narsha/브라운아이드걸스 나르샤 http://twitter.com/flyx2NAL

BIG BANG Taeyang/빅뱅 태양 @Realtaeyang


Brian Joo/브라이언 주 http://twitter.com/brianjoomuzik

BROWN EYED SOUL Ahn Jeong Yeop/BROWN EYED SOUL 안정엽http://twitter.com/jungyup

Cheong Da Eun/청다은 http://twitter.com/dan_ana

Choi Seul Gi/최슬기 @yuhubaby

CHOSHINSUNG Jeong Yoon Hak/초신성 정윤학 http://twitter.com/chyh1202

CHOSHINSUNG Kim Sung Je/초신성 김성제 http://twitter.com/Sj861117sj

CHOSHINSUNG Kwang Soo/초신성 광수 http://twitter.com/anankwangdayo

CHOSHINSUNG Park Geon Il/초신성 박건일 http://twitter.com/geonil2

CHOSHINSUNG Song Hun Yong/초신성 송훈용 http://twitter.com/xornjsz1

CHOSHINSUNG Yoon Seong Mo/초신성 윤성모 http://twitter.com/Romeo2123

CHOSUN INC. Kang Dong Hyeon/초선 강동현 http://twitter.com/kangdong

CNBLUE/씨엔블루 http://twitter.com/CNBLUE_4

CODE-V Jae Won Seo/CODE-V 재원서 http://twitter.com/Jaewon6033

CODE-V Kim Sol/CODE-V 김솔 http://twitter.com/solsol5

CODE-V Naro/CODE-V 나로 http://twitter.com/codevariety

CODE-V Um Tae Min/CODE-V 엄태민 http://twitter.com/aforyoui

Crown J/크라운 제이 http://twitter.com/officialcrownj

CSJH Dana/CSJH 다나 http://twitter.com/melodana

DALMATIAN Day Day/달마시안 데이데이 @daydaydoggydog


DALMATIAN Inati/달마시안 이나티 @dalinati

DALMATIAN Lee Da Ri/달마시안 이다리 @iam2dari

DALMATIAN Lee Dong Rim/달마시안 이동림 @dalyoung_1

DALMATIAN Park Ji Soo/달마시안 박지수 @dalyoung_jisu

Danny Ahn/댄니 안 http://twitter.com/DNA1222

DAVICHI Kang Min Kyoung/다비치 강민경 http://twitter.com/tweetkeimk

DAVICHI Lee Hae Ri/다비치 이해리 http://twitter.com/tweethaeri

DBSK Micky Yoochun/동방신기 믹키유천 @6002theMicky

DBSK Hero Jaejoong/동방신기 김재중 @mjjeje

DBSK Xiah Junsu/동방신기 김준수 @0101xiahtic

DJ DOC Kim Chang Ryul/DJ DOC 김창렬 http://twitter.com/doc0102

DNT Jeong Jo/DNT 정조 @dntjungjo

DNT Joon Young/DNT 준영 @DNTJunYong

DNT Ka Rin/DNT 카린 @DNTKaRin

DNT Lee Dong Ook/DNT 이동욱 @DNTDU

DNT Tae Rang/DNT 태랑 @DNTTaeRang

Double K/더블케이 @killakor

ELECTROBOYZ 1kyne http://twitter.com/1kyne

EPIK HIGH/에픽하이 http://twitter.com/mapthesoul

EPIK HIGH Mithra/에픽하이 미쓰라진 http://twitter.com/realmithrajin

EPIK HIGH Tablo/에픽하이 타블로 http://twitter.com/blobyblo

F.CUZ Jin On/포커즈 진온 http://twitter.com/jinchulvv

F.CUZ Kan/포커즈 칸

F.CUZ Lee U/포커즈 이유 http://twitter.com/LUsyndrome

F.CUZ Shim Ye Jun/포커즈 심예준 http://twitter.com/Only1yejun

FT Island Hong Ki/FT아이랜드 홍기 http://twitter.com/skullhong

FT Island Jae Jin/FT아이랜드 재진 http://twitter.com/saico011

FT Island Jong Hun/FT아이랜드 종훈 http://twitter.com/FtGtJH

G-Soul @gsoulplanet

Gan Mi Youn/간미연 http://twitter.com/lovemiyoun

GAVY NJ Jang Hee Young/GAVY NJ 장희영 http://twitter.com/maryJJang

GAVY NJ Si Hyeon/GAVY NJ 시현 http://twitter.com/gogo_girls

Gil Sung Joon/길성준 @GillMeo

GIRLS DAY/걸스데이 http://twitter.com/Girls_Day

GIRLS DAY Hye Ri/걸스데이 헤리 @Girls_Day_Hyeri

GIRLS DAY Ji Hae/걸스데이 지해 http://twitter.com/Girls_Day_Jihae

GIRLS DAY Min Ah/걸스데이 민아 http://twitter.com/Girls_Day_Minah

GIRLS DAY So Jin/걸스데이 소진 http://twitter.com/Girls_Day_Sojin

GIRLS DAY Yu Ra/걸스데이 유라 @Girls_Day_Yura

GIRLS’ GENERATION Jessica/소녀시대 제시카 @jess_syj

Go Ah Seong/고아성 http://twitter.com/iiiiiidb

Go Ara/고아라 @FloARA211

Goo Hye Sun/구혜선 http://twitter.com/koohs

Goo Ji Sung/구지성 @ramjikoo

Ha Seok Jin/하석진 http://twitter.com/rrru0210

HaHa Mong Show/하하몽쇼 http://twitter.com/HahaMongShow

Han Ga Eun/한가은 @gaeunbebe

Han Jung Soo/한정수 http://twitter.com/hanjungsoo

Heo Gyeong Hwan/허경환 http://twitter.com/ilovev3

Hong Jin Young/홍진영 http://twitter.com/Sambahong

Hot Brothers/뜨거운형제들 http://twitter.com/HOTbros

Hwang Bo Hye Jung/황보혜정 http://twitter.com/Estella816

Hwang Hong Gyu/황홍규 http://twitter.com/Hong_q

Hwang Jung Eum/황정음 http://twitter.com/jungeum

HWANG PROJECT Hwang Se Joon/황프로젝트 황세준http://twitter.com/sejoonhwang

Hwang Ssa Bu/황싸부 http://twitter.com/Hwangssabu

Ida Simmons aka ISAK http://twitter.com/realISAK

Im So Young/임소영 http://twitter.com/limssosso

INFINITE Manager/인피니트 매네저 http://twitter.com/n5vin/

INFINITE Jang Dong Woo/인피니트 장동우 http://twitter.com/ddww1122

INFINITE L/인피니트 엘 http://twitter.com/INFINITELKIM

INFINITE Lee Ho Won/인피니트 이호원 http://twitter.com/hoya1991

INFINITE Nam Woo Hyeon/인피니트 남우현 http://twitter.com/wowwh

INFINITE Kim Seong Gyu/인피니트 김성규 http://twitter.com/leadergyu

INFINITE Lee Seong Jong/인피니트 이성종 http://twitter.com/infiniteyounges

INFINITE Lee Seong Yeol/인피니트 이성열 http://twitter.com/Seongyeol1991

J.TUNE CAMP/제이튠 캠프 @jtunecamp0625

Jang Woo Hyuk/장우혁 @jangwoohyuk

Jellyfish Ent./젤리피쉬엔터테인먼트 http://twitter.com/jellyfish_ent

Jeon Hye Bin/전혜빈 http://twitter.com/heavenbin

Jeong Eui Chul/정의철 @jungzz7e

Jeong Gyeo Woon/정겨운 @gyun628

Jeong Ryeo Won/정려원 http://twitter.com/Yoana81

Jeong Seok Won/정석원 @sukwon7123

JEWELRY Baby J/쥬얼리 베이비제이 @babyj616

JEWELRY Kim Eun Jeong/쥬얼리 김은정 @Jewelry_jjung

JEWELRY Kim Ye Won/쥬얼리 김예원 @Jewelry_yeye

JEWELRY Park Semi/쥬얼리 박세미 @jewelry_sssem

JIGGY FELLAZ Basick http://twitter.com/Basickk_

JIGGY FELLAZ Joe Brown http://twitter.com/joebrown82

JIGGY FELLAZ Woo-Side http://twitter.com/WooSide

Jin Taehwa/진태화 https://twitter.com/ganziyaa

Jo Ha Rang/조하랑 @harangcat

Jo Hye Ryeon/조혜련 http://twitter.com/ulumma2002

Jo Yeo Jeong/조여정 http://twitter.com/chipmunk0210

KARA GM Yun Heung Kwan/카라 GM 윤흥관http://twitter.com/gamza09

KARA Hara/카라 하라 http://twitter.com/_sweethara

KARA Ji Young/카라 지영http://twitter.com/kkangjii

KARA Gyuri/카라 박규리 http://twitter.com/gyuri88

KARA Nicole Jung/카라 정니콜 http://twitter.com/_911007

KARA Seung Yeon/카라 승연 http://twitter.com/fateflysy

– Nicole’s mum http://twitter.com/Preshi619

KBS Music Bank/뮤직뱅크 http://twitter.com/KBSMusicBank

KBS Star Golden Bell/KBS 스타골든벨 http://twitter.com/kbsstarbell

Kim Bum Soo/김범수 http://twitter.com/BSKworld

Kim Ha Yul/김하율 @modelhayul

Kim Hee Chul’s ‘Young Street’ Radio/김희철의 영스트리트http://twitter.com/heedjyoungs

Kim Hee Sun/김희선 @lovelykatiekim

Kim Jae Dong/김재동 http://twitter.com/keumkangkyung

Kim Jeong Eun/김정은 http://twitter.com/chocolatecat9

Kim Joon Ho/김준호 @iamzunoya

Kim Jin Won/김진원 http://twitter.com/tandakim

Kim So Eun/김소은 @kimso_

Kim Soo Ro/김수로 http://twitter.com/KimSooro

Kim Sori/김소리 http://twitter.com/sori8502

Kim Ye Eun/김예은 @iamyenny8

Kwon Da Mi/권다미http://twitter.com/ysdami

Lee Chae Yeon/이채연 http://twitter.com/chaeyeon_lee

Lee Da Hae/이다해 http://twitter.com/cherry4eva84

Lee Hyo Ri/이효리 http://twitter.com/Hyori1979

Lee Jae Wook/이재욱 http://twitter.com/ganzi78

Lee Jeong/이정 @groovesinger

Lee Junki/이준기 http://twitter.com/JGshock

Lee Soo Young/이수영 http://twitter.com/singer_lee

Lee Sun Mi/이선미 http://twitter.com/mimimimi0502

Lee Yeon Hee/이연희 http://twitter.com/ylee0109

Lim Ji Hye/임지혜 @limjihye0214

Kang Ji Seop/강지섭 @ys9914

MBLAQ Go/엠블랙 지오 http://twitter.com/MBLAQGO

MBLAQ Mir/엠블랙 미르 http://twitter.com/BangMir

MBLAQ Thunder/엠블랙 천둥 http://twitter.com/MBLAQCD

MBLAQ Yang Seung Ho/엠블랙 양승호 http://twitter.com/mblaqsh

MIGHTY MOUTH Sang Chu/마이티마우스 상추http://twitter.com/SANGCHUKANGCHU

MISS A Fei/미스에이 Fei http://twitter.com/missA_fei

MISS A Jia/미스에이 Jia http://twitter.com/missA_jia

MISS A Min/미스에이 Min http://twitter.com/missA_min

MISS A Suzy/미스에이 Suzy http://twitter.com/missA_suzy

MISS S Oh Yu Mi/MISS S 오유미 http://twitter.com/xoxoyumi

Mnet Radio/엠넷라디오 http://twitter.com/MnetRadio

Moon Joo Won/뭉주원 @Moonjunwon

Nancy Lang/낸시랭 http://twitter.com/nancylangart

Nam Hee Seok/남희석http://twitter.com/Brlove12

NELL Lee Jong Hoon/넬 이종훈 http://twitter.com/Muse8011

NIA Choi Young Shin/니아 최영신 http://twitter.com/victoryysin112

NIA Seo ji Seo/니아 서지서 http://twitter.com/sseojiseo

NIA So Yeon Jeon/니아 소연전 http://twitter.com/soyeonjeon_nia

NIA Wang Bo/니아 왕보 http://twitter.com/raysloth

No Hong Chul/노홍철 http://twitter.com/luckyhongchul

NOM NOM NOM New Champ/놈놈놈 New Champ @New_Champ

NOM NOM NOM Jin Seok/놈놈놈 진석 @O_Zinsuk


No Min Woo/노민우 http://twitter.com/ROCKOUT529

ONE TWO Ho Beom/ONE TWO 호범 http://twitter.com/onetwohb

ONE WAY One Sound/원웨이 사운드 http://twitter.com/onewayonesound

ONE WAY Chance/원웨이 챈스 http://twitter.com/onewaychance

ONE WAY Peter/원웨이 피터 http://twitter.com/onewaypeter

ONE WAY Young Sky/원웨이 영스카이 http://twitter.com/onewayyoungsky

Outsider/아웃사이더 @outsider0321

Park Han Byul/박한별 http://twitter.com/starlyshop

Park Hwi Sun/박희순 http://twitter.com/siruduk77

Park Hyun Sun/박현선 @dazzlehyunsun

Park Jeong Ah/박정아 http://twitter.com/JAFromMymom

Park Ji Yoon/박지윤 http://twitter.com/Raellepark

Park Jin Hee/박진희 http://twitter.com/eco_jini

Park Kyung Rim/박경림 http://twitter.com/TalkinPark

Park Min Young/박민영 @sweetestMY

Park Shin Hye/박신혜 http://twitter.com/ssinz

Park Si Hyun/박시현 @park_see_

Park Soo Jin/박수진 http://twitter.com/SSujining

PD Han Jae Ho/PD한재호 http://twitter.com/pdjaeho

RAIN Jeong Ji Hoon/비 정지훈 http://twitter.com/29rain

RAINBOW Jo Hyeon Young/레인보우 조현영 http://twitter.com/Hyunyoung_C

RAINBOW Go Woo Ri/레인보우 고우리 http://twitter.com/nunino

RAINBOW Jeong Yoon Hye/레인보우 정윤혜 http://twitter.com/Yoonhye90

RAINBOW Kim Jae Kyoung/레인보우 김재경 http://twitter.com/JaeKyung_K

RAINBOW Kim Jee Sook/레인보우 김지숙 http://twitter.com/Jisook718

RAINBOW No Eul/레인보우 노을 http://twitter.com/No_Eul

RAINBOW Oh Seung Ah/레인보우 오승아 http://twitter.com/Seunga0913

RANIA/라니아 @with_RaNia

Ryu Ji Hye/류지혜 @modelryujji


SEEYA Lee Bo Ram/씨야 이보람 @dlqhfka0217

Seo Min Woo/서민우 http://twitter.com/minwoo0208

Seo In Guk/서인국 http://twitter.com/sigstyle1023

SG WANNABE Kim Jin Ho/SG워너비 김진호 http://twitter.com/MOKSOLEE

SG WANNABE Kim Yong Jun/SG워너비 김용준 http://twitter.com/sgkimyongjun

SG WANNABE Lee Seok Hun/SG워너비 이석훈 http://twitter.com/leeseokhoon

SHINSADONG TIGER Lee Ho Yang/신사동호랭이 이호양http://twitter.com/tigermuzic

Shin Bong Sun/신봉선 http://twitter.com/kkomulwoosan

Shin Ki Hyun/신기현 http://twitter.com/kihyuns

Shin Se Kyung/신세경 http://twitter.com/SHINSEKYUNG

Shin Sung Woo/신성우 @sethshinsungwoo

Shorry J/쇼리제이 @soddong01

SHU-I Hwang In Seok/슈이 황인석 http://twitter.com/naya_king

SHU-I Park Jin Seok/슈이 박진석 http://twitter.com/jinseok2

SHU-I Park Min Ho/슈이 박민호 http://twitter.com/SAYMINO

SMASH Han Jeong Soo/SMASH 한정수 @Oneshot_SMASH

SMASH Kim Min Soo/SMASH 김민수 @Smash_hero

SMASH Nam Hyun Joon/SMASH 남현준 @no1_WorlD

SNIPER SOUND Dokkebeez http://twitter.com/LEOKEKOA

So Yoo Jin/소유진 http://twitter.com/YUJIN_SO

Son Dam Bi/손담비 http://twitter.com/dambi925

Son Ho Young/손호영 http://twitter.com/dajungho2

Song Baek Kyoung/송백경 http://twitter.com/supafunkboy

Song Ji Na/송지나 @zina7977

Song Jo Kyoung/송조경 @songjokyoung

Song Joong Ki/송중기 http://twitter.com/SongJoongKi

Song Jong Ho/송종호 http://twitter.com/songjongho

SS501 Kim Hyung Jun/SS501 김형준 http://twitter.com/hyungjun87

SS501 Kim Kyu Jong/SS501 김규종 http://twitter.com/2kjdream

SS501 Park Jung Min/SS501 박정민

SS501 Heo Young Saeng/SS501 허영생 http://twitter.com/mystyle1103

SUPER JUNIOR Si Won/슈퍼주니어 최시원 http://twitter.com/siwon407

SUPER JUNIOR Dong Hae/슈퍼주니어 동해 http://twitter.com/donghae861015

SUPER JUNIOR Eun Hyuk/슈퍼주니어 은혁 http://twitter.com/AllRiseSilver

SUPER JUNIOR Hee Chul/슈퍼주니어 희철 http://twitter.com/Heedictator

SUPER JUNIOR Kyuhyun/슈퍼주니어 규현 http://twitter.com/gaemgyu

SUPER JUNIOR Lee Teuk/슈퍼주니어 이특 http://twitter.com/special1004

SUPER JUNIOR Ryeo Wook/슈퍼주니어 려욱 http://twitter.com/ryeong9

SUPER JUNIOR Shin Dong/슈퍼주니어 신동 http://twitter.com/ShinsFriends

SUPER JUNIOR Yesung/슈퍼주니어 예성 http://twitter.com/shfly3424

SUPREME TEAM E-Sens http://twitter.com/esens0209

SUPREME TEAM Simon Dominic http://twitter.com/babospmc

SWEET SORROW Kim Young Woo/스윗소로우 김영우 @boysbeanxious

T-ARA Ham Eun Jeong/티아라 함은정 http://twitter.com/taraeunjung1212

T-ARA Hyo Min/티아라 효민 http://twitter.com/b89530

T-ARA Park Ji Yeon/티아라 박지연 http://twitter.com/pjy1234

T-ARA Park So Yeon/티아라 박소연 http://twitter.com/sohotmelody

T-ARA Lee Qri/티아라 이큐리 http://twitter.com/QriPretty

THE BOSS/대국남아 http://twitter.com/theboss0304

THE BOSS Hyun Min/대국남아 현민 http://twitter.com/WHM0722

THE BOSS In Jun/대국남아 인준 http://twitter.com/InJun0309

THE BOSS Jay/대국남아 제이 http://twitter.com/jay940331

THE BOSS Karam/대국남아 박현철 http://twitter.com/karam0628

THE BOSS Mika/대국남아 미카 http://twitter.com/Mika90628

T-MAX Joo Chan Yang/티맥스 주창양 @joochanyang

T-MAX Kim Hyung Jun/티맥스 김형준 @kj0203

T-MAX Park Han Bi/티맥스 박한비 @hanbi0603

T-MAX Shin Min Chul/티맥스 신민철 @tmaxminchul

Tiger JK/타이거 JK http://twitter.com/DrunkenTigerJK

Tony An/토니안 @Topstar07


U-KISS/유키스 @ukisskorea

U-KISS Alexander/유키스 알렉산더 @alexander_0729

U-KISS Dongho/유키스 신동호 @Dongho94

U-KISS Eli/유키스 일라이 @u_kisseli

U-KISS Kevin/유키스 케빈 @Kevinwoo91 (Sister, Deanna @deewoo5)

U-KISS Kibum/유키스 기범 @

U-KISS Kiseop/유키스 기섭 @KISSeop91

U-KISS Shin Soo Hyeon/유키스 신수현 @UKISSSH

Um Jeong Hwa/엄정화 http://twitter.com/love_tangle

UNTOUCHABLE D.Action http://twitter.com/jiggyaction

V.O.S/비.오.에스 http://twitter.com/VOS_

V.O.S Choi Hyeon Joon/비.오.에스 http://twitter.com/chjmorris

V.O.S Park Ji Hyeon/비.오.에스 박지현 http://twitter.com/vosjiheon

WONDER GIRLS/원더걸스 http://twitter.com/followWG

WONDER GIRLS Hye Rim/원더걸스 우혜림 http://twitter.com/WG_Lim

WONDER GIRLS Sohee/원더걸스 소희 http://twitter.com/WGsohee

WONDER GIRLS Sunye/원더걸스 선예 http://twitter.com/WGsun

WONDER GIRLS Yoobin/원더걸스 유빈 http://twitter.com/WGyubin

WONDER GIRLS Yeeun/원더걸스 예은 http://twitter.com/WGyenny

YB/윤밴드 @official_yb

YB Park Tae Hee/윤밴드 박태희 @7brightstar

YB Yoon Do Hyun/윤밴드 윤도현 @ybrocks

YG MANAGER Oh Chul Yong/YG MANAGER 오철용 http://twitter.com/YGmanager

Yoo Ah In/유아인 @seeksik

Yoon Eun Hye/윤은혜 http://twitter.com/1003grace

Yoon Mi Rae/윤미래 http://twitter.com/Yoonmirae

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