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After School Blue-Red reveals concept photos + jacket covers

Updated with After School's Blue and Red jacket album covers.

After School's twin unit known as "AS Blue" and "AS Red" has released their individual concept photos for their upcoming comeback. On July 15th, the concept jacket photos were released on After School's website, showing their two very different concepts of "strong vs sweet."

AS Red consists of Kahi, Jungah, Nana, and UEE and will be taking on the concept of a strong and sexy image as depicted in their concept photo below. All four girls are dressed in sexy leather dresses and all have the similar blonde long hair.

AS Blue consists of Jooyeon, Raina, Lizzy, and E-Young, who will be taking on the sweet and cute concept. They're concept photos revealed all four women sitting on the ground in white dressed and brown hair with a dream, pure, and innocent-like feel to it.

The two units will be releasing their own individual albums and will not only make their comeback simultaneously, they will be rivals on stage. An official said, "One team has been divided into two groups. The members are enjoying working on their own albums. At the same time, After School will show off their two kinds of beauty."

After School will have their debut Japanese showcase on July 17th in Tokyo.

Are you looking forward to their music and double-comeback?

Source: Sports Dongha and Newsen

2NE1 releases tracklist for upcoming mini-album + MVs release dates

Ten months after releasing their last mini-album, a date has been set for 2NE1 to released their next mini-album on July 28th. YG Entertainment released the group's tracklist on July 15th through their blog, YG Life.

According to the tracklist they released, there will be two new songs included in addition to the already released tracks "Lonely," "Don't Cry," and "I Am The Best." The mini-album will also include the bonus track "Don't Stop The Music," which was used as the theme song of Yamaha 'Fiore' last year.

The two additional songs that will be included on the mini-album are "Ugly" and "Hate You." "Ugly" was written, composed, and arranged by Teddy of 1TYM and will act as the title song of the album. "Hate You" has been tagged as the sub-title song of the album and was also written, composed, and arranged by Teddy.

According to YG Entertainment's blog, 2NE1 will first release the sub-title song "Hate You." The song was originally suppose to be released on 2NE1's first studio album last year, in fact. "Hate You" was originally titled "Fuck You." However, due to its derogatory title and lyrics because of 2NE1's young fanbase and Minzy being underage, the song did not make the final cut for 2NE1's 1st studio album. The blog post continues to say that 2NE1 had liked the song and wanted to change the title to the track and it was decided that "Hate You" would be included in their new mini-album.

The music video for "Hate You" will be an animation video which was produced by graphic artist Marie Kim. The teasers for "Hate You" will be released starting on July 18th at midnight and the music video is set to be released for July 21st at midnight.

The post continues to talk about their main title song "Ugly," a song that features a powerful guitar rift with a mix of rock and electronic sounds. The lyrics speaks of one's outward appearance and to be honest with ourselves despite how "Ugly" we may seem. CL is known for her talent for knowing multiple languages such as French and English, and the chorus for "Ugly" has been sung entirely in English by CL herself for international Kpop fans. "Ugly" has a very summery chorus that is refreshing for the season.

The music video for "Ugly" is set for release on July 28th at midnight. Production costs, according to YG Entertainment, has been the most ever spent on a music video thus far. "Ugly" was directed by Han Samin.

YG continues to talk about their special collaboration with Marie Kim, who they had contacted after admiring her art for so long. After being contacted, Marie Kim had personally offered to not only direct the music video for "Hate You" but also take care of 2NE1's album jackets.

Marie Kim has worked with Andrew Warhola for his album "Velvet Underground," Julian Opie’s 10 year anniversary album "Blur," Kanye West's album "Graduation," and even collaborated with Louis Vuitton for the accessory line "Murakami."

They have also hinted that 2NE1's promotions this year will not end with their latest mini-album and to anticipate more.

2NE1 will also be preparing for their upcoming solo concerts on August 27th and 28th titled "NOLZA."

1. I Am The Best (Lyrics, Composed, Arranged: Teddy)
2. Ugly (Lyrics, Composed, Arranged: Teddy) TITLE
3. Lonely (작사: Teddy / 작곡: Teddy, e. knock / Arranged: Teddy)
4. Hate You (Lyrics, Composed, Arranged: Teddy) SUB TITLE
5. Don’t Cry (Lyrics, Composed: Teddy, Lydia Paek / Arranged: Teddy)
-Bonus Track-
6. Don’t Stop the Music (Lyrics, Composed: e. knock / Arranged: 최필강)

Source: YG-life and Newsen

Website Title News Gallery Forums Chatroom Academy Back to news BEAST feels like a guest performer when performing with TVXQ

BEAST has recently been promoting overseas in Japan with their latest Japanese single, "Bad Girl." The members have been flying back and forth to Korea for performances and their personal schedules.

Recently, Kikwang collaborated with Brave Brothers and Electroboyz for the song, "Break Up." In addition to that, Kikwang also attended Mnet's 2011 20's Choice awards last week and claimed the "Hot Performance Star" award.

On July 13th, the members of BEAST made an appearance on MBC's "Golden Fishery - Radio Star." On the program, BEAST was asked about their popularity in Japan rather than Korea. The members of BEAST responded with, "We can't really feel our popularity in Japan."

The members of BEAST explained how they came to feel this way. They stated, "When we were in Japan previously, we got the opportunity to perform alongside TVXQ. The thing was, we felt like we were the guest performers at the show." They continued with, "TVXQ's popularity in Japan is not a joke. People have been saying that we are popular in Japan, but they don't know the whole story."

BEAST is scheduled to release their first Japanese album, "SO BEAST," on August 10th. Will you be purchasing "SO BEAST" or are you waiting for their return to the Korean music industry?

Source: tohosomnia and baidutvxq

Miss A's tracklist and album cover for "Class A" released

miss A's first studio album "Class A" is set to be released early next week on July 18th. This will be the group's first studio album released since their debut last year. They made waves upon their debut with their first single "Bad Girl Good Girl" and became the top rookies of 2010.

On July 14th, miss A left a video message for their fans on music website Melon. The album cover and tracklist was also released on the website. The album cover features the same sexy legs that has become miss A's trademark since their debut last year.

The album includes past tracks such as "Play The Music DJ," "Step Up," "Blankly," and "Breathe" from their 2nd mini-album "Step Up," and "Love Again" and "Bad Girl Good Girl" from their 1st mini-album "Bad But Good."

01. One To Ten
02. Good Bye Baby
03. Help Me
04. Break It
05. Mr. Johnny
06. Play The Music DJ
07. Step Up
08. Breathe
09. Blankly
10. Love Again
11. Bad Girl Good Girl
12. Good Bye Baby (Silver Mix)

Source: Melon

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[NEWS] 110531 Daesung involved in a car accident

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Big Bang's Daesung has been reported to be involved in a serious car accident, with the other party involved being pronounced dead at the scene. It was reported that at 1:40AM in Seoul, Big Bang's Daesung hit a motorcyclist in his Audi. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.

Youngdong Police have announced that they are currently investigating the singer, as there are suspicions of Daesung being drunk at the time of the accident.

Source: SBS (Article already modified. See updates below.)

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UPDATE 1: It's been revealed that Daesung was not under the influence of alcohol and is currently speaking to police about the accident. Reports have revealed that the man on the motorcycle was hit by a hit-and-run, not from Daesung himself. When a taxi driver stopped to assess the situation and help the motorcyclist, Daesung crashed into the taxi.

There are also conflicting reports that the taxi, once being hit by Daesung, crashed into the motorcyclist killing him. However, it is not clear whether or not this actually occurred and how serious the motorcyclists condition was after being hit by the original car.

Source: SBS + Koreaboo

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UPDATE 2: Police have officially released a statement regarding the car accident. Seoul's Young Deung Po Police Station revealed, "Big Bang's Daesung crashed into a passed-out motorcyclist with his car on the morning of May 31st at Yanghwa Bridge. The motorcyclist was already passed out due to a previous accident when Daesung crashed into him."

Police also contradicted reports that the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. They confirmed that he was alive, saying, "The motorcyclist has been admitted to the hospital where his death has yet to be confirmed. We are investigating whether or not alcohol was involved."

Source: Star 1 + 2 + Koreaboo- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --

UPDATE 3: Photos of Daesung's Audi A4 have been revealed through Korean press. The photos show his car's front badly damaged by the car crash. The photos also show a tow truck also picking up the car, it is evident from the photos that the crash was not simply a "tapping", but a serious collision.

YG has yet to make a statement on the accident and there has been no information as to how involved Daesung is in the accident. Currently, it is believed that he is being talked to by Seoul's Young Deung Po Police.

Source: Nate + Koreaboo

Saturday, March 5, 2011

[VID] Big Bang's Parody of Secret Garden (eng sub)


TOP as Kim Jootop
GD as Gi Raim
Seungri as Seungska
Daesung as Secretary Kang & Jootop omma
Taeyang as Director Tae

Saturday, February 26, 2011

[MISC] SHINee Key wants to Switch Bodies with MinHo!

Posted Image

Recently for Elle Girl’s March issue, SHINee Key and TaeMin modeled in crisp spring fashion. This particular issue had a casual theme to it, which included the two members posing in two ways: a natural style, and a style in which they posed while enjoying their breaks.

The chic poses and active attitude were presented by Key and TaeMin using simple things such as a pair of shoes or a pair of glasses. The interview afterwards with the two members revealed their little tastes and lifestyles. During the interview that took place after the photoshoot, the question, “If you could trade bodies with any member, who would it be?” was asked to Key, who responded, “MinHo, because he exercises well and I want to see how that would feel.”

Next, TaeMin was asked, “When you see winter, what do you see first?”, in which he answered, “Snow/Eyes*, because when I see my own eyes, I can hypnotize myself.” TaeMin was also asked the question, “How do you feel when your birthday gets closer?” TaeMin replied “I feel that the time flies by too fast when my birthday gets near. I feel worried, yet I don’t want to be a kid [anymore].”

The Elle Girl March issue with the two SHINee members will include photoshoot pictures, as well as the interview questions and answers.

Picture Credits:

Translated by ilysmtown @ SMTownJjang 
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[NEWS] Dalmatian on their mini album, Inati’s group obsession, and changing up their image

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Fans have probably noticed by now, but Dalmatian is anything but rookie when it comes to talent. Each of the individual members are known for their extensive experience prior to their debut as a group, such as leader Inati with People CrewDay Day as the rap instructor for JYP Entertainment, and Daniel with B2ST’s Yoseob.
Six of the seven tracks were produced by the members themselves, which gives a deeper meaning to the overall album in comparison to their “Round 1” debut. Inati revealed, “We still consider ourselves rookies, and we still rehearse through the night and into the morning. Just because we’ve released a mini-album doesn’t mean anything’s changed. Our hearts are more determined than ever, but other than that, nothing’s changed.”
Jisu added, “We put a lot on the line for this album. Of course this album doesn’t mark the end for us, but we worked as if it really was our last. We consider this our real start, and hope to meet with our fans as soon as possible.”
Lover Cop,” one of their two title tracks, has a unique background story to go with its unique name. The members revealed that they were watching RoboCop during their break and drew influence from the movie. Jisu added his own personal touch by writing about his past love in the lyrics.
Dari explained, “Our music isn’t IQ as much as it is EQ. ‘Round 1′ was filled with our hopes and dreams, whereas our recent comeback is full of stories about love to stimulate certain emotions. We tried a variety of new ideas this time around.”

Posted Image

Another interesting point about the group is that there’s a 10 year age difference between hyung Inati and maknae DanielYoungwon stated, “Leader hyung never loses his leadership image on stage. He’s overflowing with charisma, but he’s actually quite the jokester.”
Daniel added, “Inati hyung’s nickname is ‘the 30-year-old you hate.’ I actually saw a book titled that at the book store, so I’m planning to gift it to him for his birthday this year (laughter). He normally acts really cute, especially when he says ‘It’s mine!’ when we’re trying to eat something.”
Now that the topic’s completely moved on to Inati, the members continued their ‘explosive’ confessions about their leader. They claimed that Inati never showers alone, and that he always calls at least one of them in to shower with him. He forces the member to sit on the toilet and talks to them while he showers in the stall.
Inati clarified, “I wanted to get closer to the kids, and I always want to talk about a lot of different things while I shower. Honestly, I get nervous when there isn’t someone there. I can’t even sleep at night in case they all run away without me!

Posted Image

When asked about their hopes for the New Year, Jisu shyly answered, “I want to win #1 on a music program,” while Daniel added, “I want people to think of our faces when they hear our name, not ‘101 Dalmatians.” Youngwon replied, “We’re looking forward to a rookie award this year.”
Day Day gave a shout out to their international fans by stating, “In our lyrics for ‘Round 1,’ there’s a part where it says we’re prepared all over the world. Amongst the international fanbase, there’s quite many that love Dalmatian. Not only our Korea, but we hope to expand and meet our fans all over the world.”
The group concluded, “Although it’s a mini-album, we worked on it like it was an official album. This is an album we’ve all sweat blood and tears for during the past nine years. As a group, we hope to work towards our fanbase as devils on stage and angels off stage. Movies and dramas are boring without changing it up like that, right? (laughter) Please look forward to us!

SOURCE/CREDIT: allkpop/Joy News 24 via Daum @Korea.comRe-upload by : Amee Syahmi

[MISC] Girls' Generation fans stand to defend the girls on Twitter

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Earlier, Girls' Generation anti-fans stood together to trend "Anti SNSD" on Twitter. The phrase trended for a while, alarming Sones worldwide. This caused many Sones to rise up in protest against the phrase and instead trend the hashtag #ilovesnsd.

The impromptu trending was an immense success, as offended Sones all rose up to defend the girls. #ilovesnsd quickly rose to the #2 spot, with the #1 spot being occupied by a promotion.

Posted Image

Will you support the girls and help the other Sones trend #ilovesnsd?

Source: Twitter.
Credits: Koreaboo.

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[NEWS] Yunho Got Asked Out By A Female Artist?

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On February 21, TVXQ made a guest appearance on SBS radio show ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time”, commencing in a relaxed and casual conversation while revealing many different behind-the-scenes stories.

On that day, while expressing Jun Ji Hyun as his ideal woman, Yunho said, “I was once asked out by a female artist. We originally started casually texting, and then progressed into calling each other. Because it turned into a frequent thing, our relationship deepened, and feelings started to develop. She indistinctly confessed to me, but I have a really slow personality in terms of these things, so I didn’t realize it for the longest time.”

Listening on the side, Changmin bluntly said, “Any confession from a female artist that I received were rejected. I also don’t reply to their texts that often. With regards to ideal types, Yunho likes a leading type, business-professional woman. He loves Jun Ji Hyun’s personality inMy Sassy Girl’.”

He adds, “If I say I don’t look at the outward appearance then that would be a lie. I hope her personality is kind and caring, she can cook well, and she honors elders with polite respect.”

In addition, on the show message board, TVXQ left their personally taken photos, revealing their make-up free, flawless skin. Even with such a short distance between them and the camera, there was still no unsightly spots or marks, which makes one particularly jealous. The show producer also left a message of praise on the message board, complimenting them on their good looks and small faces.

On the other hand, TVXQ is now participating in activities with the promotion of their second hit song, ‘MAXIMUM’.

Source: [ent.qq]
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[NEWS] 110219 Infinite makes music a priority

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Infinite may be one of the flurry of pop bands armed with charming looks. But the seven-member boy band says they are different in that their emphasis is on the music rather than visual elements, including their looks.

Their claim is underscored by the fact that they belong to an agency that also manages hip-hop band Epik High and rock band Nell - both of which are known for their raw talent. In most cases, pop bands are managed by agencies that deal only with pop bands.

“We have strived to foster the ability to create our own style out of any musical genre. That is our tactic to surviving the fierce competition,” Woo Hyun, one of the band members, said in an interview with the Korea JoongAng Daily last month.

After releasing their first album “First Invasion” last June, Infinite came back last month with a six-song EP called “Evolution.” The title song “Before the Dawn,” also known as “BTD,” is a dance number with a powerful beat and masculine vocals.

The song has yet to dominate the local charts but the band members say they have fully devoted themselves to ensuring the album’s success. That included perfecting a so-called “scorpion dance,” in which the seven young men, aged between 18 and 22, stand up at the same time from a prone position on the floor with one leg stretched behind them like a scorpion’s tail.

To train for such physically demanding moves, they practiced for 10 hours per day. Some members even sustained injuries in rehearsal and had to be treated by an orthopedist.

But all of that is behind them and they are getting ready to present a Japanese version of the song “Before the Dawn” at a showcase in Tokyo on April 2.

“Moving into the Japanese market is sure to be a crucial turning point for us,” said L. “We started studying Japanese even before making our debut in Korea.”

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[INFO] U-Kiss’ Kevin and Eli in Hong Kong,new hair colours spotted!

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U-Kiss members Eli and Kevin Woo appeared in Hong Kong.

I guess most of you have known about the news that Kibum and Alexander left U-Kiss since yesterday(23 FEBRUARY).I wonder whether Eli and Kevin were asked about the issue that happened to Kibum and Alexander or not.

Anyway,the boys were spotted having a change on their hair colour,does this mean that their comeback is just around the corner,i am totally anticipating that.

Best wishes for Kibum and Alexander,i really hope to see them shining on the stage again,hwaiting!

CREDIT/SOURCE: dkpopnews/Daily K Pop News@Korea.comRe-upload by : Amee syahmi min

[NEWS] 5dolls "Lip Stains" music video receives explosive reactions

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Co-Ed's female subgroup 5dolls released their music video for "Lip Stains" yesterday. The music video features Jay Park as a part of the plot and his appearance helped produce an explosive reaction from fans. Within 15 minutes of its release, 15,000 hits were recorded.

The music video was directed by Cha Euntaek, who also directed the "Anymotion" series, and stars 5dolls members Eunkyo and Chanmi along with Jay Park as the main characters of the plot. 5dolls felt a sense of pride from the music video, which was enjoyable due to much dancing and an intense confrontation.

Brave Brothers was behind the composition of their song "Lip Stains," where the song features heavy drums and an electric piano producing an intense yet playful sound. The melody and harmony of the song combines to produce an overall attractive and fun song.

The 5dolls subgroup consist of members Soomi, Chanmi, Hyoyoung, Hyewon, and Eunkyo. Their first mini album is set for release on February 16th and they will be beginning their promotions shortly afterwards.

What did you think of the music video? Are you looking forward to their mini album and debut performances?

Source: Nate and Core Clique
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[NEWS] if not become a singer ?

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member of the T-ara, Soyeon disclose if she was not a singer, she may be designated to pursue her dream of an actor.In fact, according to her, her career was already dream since childhood.

"Originally, I wanted to become a MC. But fate did not favor me, can be called a singer was something interesting.""Not too far away from the field that I want to do. What do I need to do is just to sing," she said.

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[NEWS] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong’s Birthday, Greetings From Fellow Artistes

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To welcome idol group SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong’s birthday, fellow artistes and fans gave their congratulatory greetings.

Member Park Jung Min sent his greetings via twitter at around 12.30am KST “Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! I love Kyu Jong! Happy Birthday! (Birthday song tune)” in text. Followed by “Let’s work hard together this year, have a huge success which will shocked everyone! I love you!” not forgetting praising him.

Member Kim Hyung Jun also tweeted at around 2am “Happy Birthday! Kyu Jong, I love you. Come quick.” birthday greetings.

After which is a very close singer friend, Sim Eunjin also tweeted “Oh, Kyu Jong’s birthday! Happy Birthday!” joining in the congratulatory greetings.

Then all Kim Kyu Jong’s fanclub changed their fansite picture to “Kim Kyu Jong’s Birthday” etc. To commemorate his birthday card they start a blood donation campaign.

Fans sent congratulatory messages like “Sincerely congratulate the 25-year-old birthday!”, “Kyu mum, thank you for giving birth to such a great son”.

On the other hand Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng had their 1st fanmeeting in Seoul last December. Now they are preparing for their solo activities. 


[NEWS] Three members of Nine Muses will focus on acting and modeling

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Lana, Binny, and Hyemin of Nine Muses will stop group activities. The girls plan on pursuing acting and modeling, and will put their singing careers on hold. Binny was the first to alert fans when she posted on her mini-homepage, "I do not have red hair anymore. I am also not a singer." This caused curiosity among netizens as to what she meant by the comment. 

Their company, Star Empire, sat down with Newsen for an interview. When they were asked about the situation they replied, "The girls have not withdrawn totally from the group. The three girls have always been interested in the fields of acting and modeling, so they will stop activities as a group, and pursue these fields. Depending on what happens later, they could possibly return to Nine Muses." Star Empire went on to say that that even though the girls do not practice with the rest of Nine Muses, they do keep in contact.

Newsen also asked if Star Empire was going to replace the members for the time being. Star Empire commented, "Nine Muses is always open to new members, so there is a possibility of a new member being added for their comeback."

What do you think of Lana, Binny, and Hyemin leaving after just debuting? Do you think they will be successful actresses and models?

Source: Newsen
cr: koreaboo 

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[NEWS] SoHyun's baby pictures revealed!

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Childhood photos of 4minute's maknae, Kwon SoHyun, have been revealed.

On the 24th at 1am, SoHyun uploaded the photos on her Twitter account, saying "You've gotta see these childhood pictures! Smile at least once, mama!"

She also said, "There are many pictures from this time with me and my older brother."

One of the photos shows SoHyun and her older brother eating candy, and the other is a cute picture of her playing innocently in a ball pit. 

Neitzens said, "She was such a cute child," "Jjang baby pics!" etc.

Source: Nate
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[NEWS] Suzy and IU share the same little brother?

On the 22nd, Suzy tweeted a picture of herself with a doll on her back, saying, "With my little brother the sloth kekeke." When fans saw this, they recognized it as the same doll that IU had on her back during an episode of Dream High. 

Many fans wondered how much it would cost to buy Suzy and IU's "little brother," and upon research they found that the dolls were available for about 10,000 - 20,000 KRW (9-18 USD). Would you like to try to buy Suzy and IU's "little brother"?

Posted Image

Source: News Prime
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[NEWS] Wonder Girls attend Jeremy Scott’s show for Fashion Week

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Following Vivienne Tam’s show earlier this week, the Wonder Girls hit up New York City’s Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week once again, appearing at Jeremy Scott’s runway show today which revealed the designer’s Fall 2011 collection at Lincoln Center.

The ladies also attended Scott’s spring collection show last September, enjoying seats in the front row and taking photos with the designer himself. This time around, the quintet was spotted in Jeremy Scott’s own Adidas designs yet again, sporting daring rocker looks with a twinge of flirtiness. I’m especially loving Yoobin’s hair extensions!

It was revealed that the editors of Teen Vogue that were in attendance had mentioned plans for the ladies to be featured in an upcoming issue as the quintet made their American debut.

The runway show itself was livestreamed online for viewers worldwide, and featured bright and whimsical designs drawing from a pop art, Andy Warhol-esque concept (think Superman and Coca Cola), neon raver kid hairstyles and more.

More pictures can be found here.
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