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[NEWS] JYJ speak up about the lawsuit; the Apocalypse cometh

Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu and YoungWoong Jaejoong. Three guys who are now called JYJ, not TVXQ. They are currently healing from the 'heartbreak' from their legal dispute and past ordeals. As many can see, they are going at full power on their activities. However, the fans who are watching over them have conflicting feelings. It is more so as U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, who are left in the team, have decided to make a comeback as TVXQ next January. On the afternoon of the 15th, the chilliest day of the year, we asked the three members, who visited the editorial office hidden in thick coats, questions that fans have been wanting to ask. We picked the three questions that reporters have been most curious about, which may cause them to be the most uncomfortable questions for the three members to answer. Though we worried at first that they might have sensitive reactions to our questions, the members stated that they were finally able to speak of the emotions they had been containing for so long and their words seemed to cry out in relief as they could finally 'blow off some steam'.

1. Do you stay in contact with the two other members? (No)
-It feels like the communication satellite has been blocked. They've probably changed their phone numbers by now

"I tried calling them a couple of times. There were even times when the call went through. But suddenly, it stopped working." (Jaejoong)

Our question and answer session began immediately with an awkward question. These five guys have been living under the same roof and nurturing their dreams together. But as they each chose the road they wished to take, the situation became tangled. The wall of reality that is blocking is them is as high as it can be. We first asked them if they have been keeping in contact with U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, who have announced their comeback as TVXQ next January. This is something that fans have been most curious about.

"It feels like the communication satellite has been blocked. They've probably changed their (phone) numbers by now." (Jaejoong)

A few words continued back and forth after this. While we were at it, we decided to ask them how they felt when they learned of Yunho and Changmin's comeback. The members, who had been wearing bitter expressions till then, finally erased this expression from their faces. Our prediction that they would show subtle feelings of disapproval was completely wrong.

"Of course we're supporting them. We hope that they perform in a manner that is fitting to the name TVXQ." (Junsu)

The two other members, Micky Yoochun and YoungWoong Jaejoong, began to nod. The three members confessed that Yunho and Changmin frequently appeared in their dreams.

"When we were caught up in the happening (lawsuit), we were at a point where we couldn't talk about things with other people. Those days were so frustrating. Back then, our two friends frequently appeared in our dreams. There were times when they would appear in the dreams of all three of us at once." (Jaejoong) "During the afterparty of the showcase, we all hugged each other and cried our eyes out. I think we did that because we felt so frustrated and stuffy." (Junsu)

At their position on top, they have each chosen their separate roads. But their friendship has not changed. We wondered what effect the recent news of H.O.T's reunion had on the members. At our cautious question asking if we would be able to see the five members on one stage in the future, they gave us their answer as if it was obvious.

"We're keeping the possibility open. If it can be done..." (Junsu) "Just because we're keeping the possibility open, doesn't mean it will definitely happen, but our support for them will never change. But I feel it will take a long time for such a thing to happen." (Yoochun)

2. Breaking away, do you regret it? (No)
-Though it wasn't easy standing alone, we're thankful that we're able to stand on stage

"Everything feels more desperate these days. But we don't regret our decision." (Junsu)

Last year, JYJ left SM Entertainment, one of Korea's leading agencies. It is like the New York Yankees of the Major League or Manchester United of the Premier League. SM has an orderly system for its singers and does not hesitate in supporting its singers. It is an agency that any singer would clamor to work under. Therefore, the members admitted that the process of standing alone wasn't an easy one.

"We are so thankful even to be able to release and album and stand on stage. We were able to reflect on ourselves a lot." (Jaejoong) "It was something we had taken into consideration and anticipated. We had to start fresh and rebuild everything." (Junsu) "Even the parts that are supposed to be easy were difficult for us." (Jaejoong)

When asked to elaborate, this was their answer, "There was a natural disaster. We invested 900 million Won to make the stadium into a dome, and were the first people to do so in the world, but never did we think there would be hail... It's not that we feel it was a waste of money, we were just disappointed that we wouldn't be able to perform with such facilities." (Jaejoong)

The members' gazes deepened and their expressions became resolute with determination. Junsu opened his mouth to say, "If we had ten choices open to us in the past, now we have 2 or 3. Things have changed as what once only took 1 or 2 tries to open, now take at least 10 times to attain the same things."

3. Why aren't you holding domestic activities? (...)
-Broadcasting companies are ignoring us as our lawsuit is not yet over. It's not that we aren't, it's that we can't.

"Even the fans know very well that it's not that we're choosing not to hold activities domestically. It feels weird when people ask us why we're taking a break for so long when we're so busy with various activities." (Yoochun)

JYJ released their worldwide album in October. They also held showcases in seven cities across Asia and North America. They met with around 70,000 fans on November 27th and 28th during their concert. But some have pointed out that JYJ's activities seem to be leaning towards those held overseas. The disappointment of domestic fans is quite large too. But the members stressed that it isn't that they choosing not to perform in Korea, it's that they can't.

"No matter how popular we are overseas, we are still Korean singers. It feels strange and odd that we can't perform in Korea with the album that we released. It's not that we're staying away from domestic activities. Everything feels like it's being bottled up. I hope it gets better soon." (Junsu)

Broadcasting companies have been ignoring them as their legal dispute has not ended yet. The only instance where JYJ have been given a chance to perform is their upcoming performance at the '2010 KBS Drama Acting Awards' on the 31st that pulled through due to Micky Yoochun's appearance on KBS 2TV's 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal'

Even the fans are feeling a thirst for domestic activities. Threads of various music programs have been and still are being flooded by requests for JYJ's appearance. The fans' solidarity has become stronger.

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A Christmas card designed by SHINee was made public.

SHINee recently participated in a charity event named “A Dream of 1,000 Won” in Taiwan. Members showed off their hidden skills painting on a big Christmas card.

It was Taemin who stood out in the painting. However, there was something odd. His Rudolph looked different. When members pointed out that a leg is missing, Taemin explained in haste that it represents “the alienated weak.”

SHINee said they participated in the charity event to bring attention to people in need. Fans can participate in the auction, which starts on Dec. 25, at Hitoradio.com or Taiwan yahoo. [TV Daily]

Source: TV Daily
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Official pics from W Korea:

Additional scan (weareshining):

[NEWS] The Most Promising Singers in the eyes of JYJ

Now we all know JYJ is internationally known for their indescribable singing talents, but when asked who they thought would also become successful, who did they pick?

Though separated from the original DBSK, JYJ has been victorious with their promotions, including their recent single, “Ayy Girl“. In a recent interview, Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu of JYJ were asked to pick an idol group or soloist who they thought were considered the “most promising singers” as of now. To much surprise, Junsu stated girl group 4Minute. Jaejoong went along with boy group SuperNova, while YuChun chose the band MATE.

All of these groups, including JYJ are indeed promising, as well as many other entertainers in the K-Pop industry. Let’s hope all of them reach success!

Source: Naver Blog
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[NEWS] BEAST's first duet unit Doojoon and Dongwoon will reveal 'When the Door Closes'

[Newsen Lee Uhnhyuk Reporter]

BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon and Son Dongwoon have appeared as the first duet unit.

At 5PM KST on the 21st, BEAST will be releasing the first song in the series of 3 duet songs and the full song version of ‘Lights Go On Again’ with the first track ‘When the Door Closes’ a part of the digital single album ‘My Story’.

‘When the Door Closes’ has a sad melody line along with Yoon Doojoon and Son Dongwoon’s melting voice. Like the concert stage where the two men played the piano on the stage together, it plans to give that many emotions to the listeners as well.

Before that at 11AM KST, BEAST will be revealing the teaser clip for ‘When the Door Closes’ via their official fan cafĂ© and their official youtube channel. The video will contain the clips of them participating in the composing process.


[NEWS] Lee Kikwang's mother advises "You're no good as an artist, so succeed as an actor"

BEAST's Lee Kikwang will be acting in an official drama for the first time through "My Princess".

On the episode of MBC 'Sunday Sunday Night- Hot Brothers', there was a portion of the show with the theme "Become a model son", where they made phone calls to their own parents in order to learn about what kind of son they were.

On this day, Lee Kikwang phoned his mother. He said, "These days I have a lot of schedules, it's tiring. Also, I think I'm bad at acting." He revealed that he had originally wanted to reject the part in the drama.

Subsequently, normal mothers would say that their largest concern about their son would be their health. However when Kikwang actually said he wanted to give it up, she persuaded him saying, "Lots of people watch mini series so you have to do it. It's time."

Following this, as soon as Lee Kikwang had whined "It's like the limits of my body are being tested." she persuaded him by saying, "You're making a fuss. You're no good as a singer, so you should act and then come out as a soloist."

In order to succeed at the mission to get the parents to say 'Our son is a model son', Lee Kikwang had said "Mom, what kind of son am I?" She replied "The best son. You have to become a world star", giving off the force of a company president, causing the audience to erupt into laughter.

Meanwhile, the drama that Lee Kikwang's mother is anticipating so much has been revealed as the MBC drama 'My Princess' starring Song Seungheon and Kim Taehee. After the MBC sit com, 'High Kick through the Roof', this will be the first time that he will be acting in an official show, and his fans are in much anticipation.


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[SCAN] SM The Ballad Nylon Scans

[NEWS] Donghae writes a song, HaeWook sing together, LIFE COULDN'T GET BETTER

Group Super Junior has conquered all three major networks' OSTs.

Super Junior mesmerized TV viewers and not just music fans by participating in the OST of SBS It's Okay, Daddy's Daughter and KBS President which their members are appearing in.

Donghae who plays the role of a hard working young man Choi Wookgi in the SBS Monday Tuesday drama It's Okay, Daddy's Daughter sang the drama's OST song Just Like Now written by him. The song Just Like Now will be used as the love theme song in the drama. The song is a ballad that goes well with Winter because of its warm acoustic guitar sounds and beautiful harmony by Donghae and Ryeowook.

A rep from the management company said, "Donghae who's appearing in his first drama wrote the song after reading the scripting and recollecting his father. You can feel Donghae's musical sensibility and his love for the drama from the song.

Also, Super Junior participated in the KBS2 Wednesday Thursday drama President's OST which Sungmin appears in. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Sungmin sang the drama's main title song Biting my lips.

Ryeowook also sang the main title song Smile Again which is also Jinseo(Kim Hyesoo) and Sinwoo's (Lee Sangyoon) theme song in the MBC Wednesday Thursday drama Home Sweet Home's. The song is a ballad which is characterized by Ryeowook's pure voice and sad melody. Some of the reviews mentioned that the song enhances the appeals of the drama.

Source: Asiatoday
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

[VIDEO] Strawberry Field - Starlight March MV ft Infinite's L

[INFO] Mary Me, Mary !

Mary Wi is a wanna-be eco-friendly designer, but she did not major in design, is not qualified and has no social connection in that field. She is cute looking, just like her late mother, but she is short-tempered like her dad. Mary’s dad believes that there’s no man who is trustworthy and he insists that he will pick Mr. Right for his daughter. Though they always quarrel, Mary is daddy’s little girl and thinks her father is the best. One day, Mary goes to a glam rock concert and there, sees a pretty looking but rough rocker, Mu-gyul who sings like there’s no tomorrow. On the other hand, Mary’s dad, since she was 5 year old, has already arranged Mary’s marriage with Jung-in, son of his rich friend, Jung-suk, who has supported him financially. To avoid the arranged marriage, Mary asks Mu-gyul to take wedding photo with her. Jung-in, then, enters the picture. Now, Mary will live in a pent house in the Chung-dam area with Jung-in, a rich president of an entertainment agency, while she lives with Mu-gyul, a poor indie-band rocker in an underground apartment in Hong-dae district, at the same time. After 100 days of polyandrous marriage, she will have to choose which one is Mr. Right. She goes through an inner conflict over two different men with different charms.

Malaysians : Catch Marry Me , Marry ! starring Moon Geun Young & Jang Geun Seuk at KBSW Channel 391 9PM tonight ;D

Source : KBSWorld.kbs.co.kr

[NEWS] School uniform teaser photos revealed for “Dream High”!

Many have been wondering about what the students of “Gidan Prep School” would be wearing in the upcoming KBS drama ‘Dream High‘. Teaser photos of the main cast donning the uniforms have recently been unveiled, and they’re looking quite sharp!
Suzy, Ok Taecyeon, Kim Soo Hyun, Ham Eun Jung, IU and Jang Wooyoung are laughing brightly in their matching school uniforms. The pairings of Suzy & Kim Soo Hyun, Ok Taecyeon & Ham Eun Jung and IU & Jang Wooyoung have many predicting the possible love-lines in the story.
Their eye-catching ‘uniform fashion’ is also becoming a hot topic. Despite the simple uniform style, they used stripes as their focal point, while the girls’ skirts come up quite short. “Like students at an arts academy, we wanted to express their personalities and liberal mindset, as well as capturing the essence of each individual character through their uniform,” stated a representative.
The first episode of ‘Dream High’ is set to broadcast this coming January 3rd.
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

[NEWS] TVXQ’s “Athena: Goddess of War” OST track and MV released

Last week, it was revealed that the two boys of TVXQ would be making their comeback to the Korean music industry by releasing a OST track for SBS‘ “Athena: Goddess of War.”
A few days later, the release date for TVXQ’s track was revealed to be December 20th.
Well, the day has now come, and the “Athena” track has finally been released! Their song, aptly titled “Athena“, is definitely befitting of a thrilling scene with the duo’s passionate vocals and heavy bass.

- OST MV -
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Hello. This is S.M. ENTETAINMENT. SHINee's first concert in Seoul was announced and the concert schedule has been finalized as follows. It seems like a lot of requests for the changes of the place from you, so it has been made which is the place now, the Seoul Olympic Park Stadiumcan accommodate a large number of people on 1st January 2011~and the schedule had been changed on the 2nd January 2011. For more details, please check the following information.

[ SHINee - THE 1st CONCERT in SEOUL “SHINee World” ]
Date: 1 – 1stJanuary 2011 (Saturday) 07:00 PM
2 – 2ndJanuary 2011 (Sunday) 04:00 PM
Venue: Seoul Olympic Park Stadium

Ticket prices: All seats flat fee 88,000 won (VAT included)
                                                         ※ The "Official Concert Light Stick" are included with the ticket.

Reservation Open: (Tues) 30th November 2010 at 08:00PM
Seo Nye Mae fanclub: (Thurs) 25th November 2010 at 08:00PM
※ 1 / 1 ~ 1 / 2 – 2 days available!


Advance processing: G Market ([ticket.gmarket.co.kr)]
Tickets and inquiries: 1566-5702
SHINee – THE 1st CONCERT in SEOUL "SHINee World"> We would like to ask for your continues support, and promise to see us in a great performance.
Thank you.
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[NEWS] Soribada declares SNSD as “2010’s Best Artist”

Music download site Soribada has declared SNSD to be the best artist of 2010.
Soribada said on the 20th, “We looked at music trend charts, searched items, and more; the artist that netizens searched for the most was SNSD.”
Soribada’s analysts also reviewed searched items and streaming counts. According to the site, SNSD was #1 on the weekly charts with “Oh!“, “Run Devil Run“, and “Hoot.” Through those three songs, the group locked down a total of seven weeks on the #1 spot.
Lee Seung Chul came in second place with his song “That Person“, which was featured in the hit drama “Baker King Kim Tak Goo“. T-ara came in third because of their popularity rise with “I Go Crazy Because of You” and “Ya Ya Ya“.
2AM was the “Best Boy Group” and miss A was the “Best Rookie Group”. Huh Gak and IU won the places for “Best Male/Female Solo Artists”, respectively.
Congratulations to all these artists on their year of success!
Source: JoongAng via Nate
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[NEWS] 2NE1, f(x), & miss A are the most anticipated girl groups for Japan

Japan Nikkan Sports recently predicted which Korean girl groups would be most anticipated for as part of the ‘2nd generation of idol rookie groups’.
The three top groups they listed were 2NE1, f(x) and miss A“Being in the same agency as Big Bang’sYG Entertainment, 2NE1 is currently leading the younger generation in Korea,” stated Nikkan Sports.
f(x) recently signed a new contract with Japanese agency, AVEX, alongside their company sunbaesBoA and TVXQ. They’re scheduled to fully begin promotions overseas next year.
Meanwhile, miss A is becoming more popular in the overall Asian market as a multinational dance group, and have been receiving great interest from fans for their upcoming Japanese promotions.
Nikkan Sports also mentioned other Korean girl groups including T-ara, After School, SISTAR andRainbow.
Source: Star News via Nate
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GD&TOP to perform at year-end song festivals for SBS & MBC

Big Bang’s newest duo unit, GD&TOP, will be present at the year-end song festivals for SBS and MBC.

They’ve already released “High High” and “Oh Yeah” last week, ahead of their full album release on the 24th. The highly-catchy tunes have been well-received by both Big Bang and general music fans alike.

Fans have been treated to additional great news, as YG Entertainment announced that they will perform on the 29th for the “SBS Gayo Daejun“, and on the 31st for the “MBC Gayo Daejun“.

A YGE representative said, “GD&TOP has just started promotions, but we have decided to have them attend the SBS and MBC year-end music festivals.”

Unfortunately, they will not be present at the “2010 KBS Gayo Festival“, which is sandwiched between the other two shows.

Yang Hyun Seok is 100% satisfied with GTOP Duet Performance

G-Dragon and Top of the top Korean group, Big Bang completed their colorful and addictive stage on 19th(today). Yang Hyun Seok, the YG entertainment president said, 'he was 100% satisfied' with their performance. Since it is the end of 2010, every artist try to do his/her best to the fans and such kinds of unique units seem to add more colour to the showbiz.

The premiere of the two songs were released on Wednesday afternoon. When Yang Hyun Seok was watching SBS the two boys' comeback stage of 'High HIgh' and Oh Yeah' in SBS Inkigayo, he looked tense but once they had finished,he gave them a very huge applause and wore a big smile on his face. The following is the Q and A session with him.

-Congratulations! We want to know your opinion about their comeback stage of today.
- I am very satisfied. They are very nervous for their first stage of their comeback but they ended up with very good performance. They are pleased too.

-Have you ever thought that they will be successful ?
- I was not quite sure because it is different from the union of the whole group. The success of Bigbang in their early stage gave them pressure but I think it is good. We prepare a good song and then more good songs are expected to be worked on.

-How was the response of the fans?
They were very pleased too. Thanks. They are going to use 'knock out', 'High High' and 'Oh yeah' as their three title songs. Just like 2ne1, they will have three title songs too. The last song of the three title songs is 'Oh yeah' since people like Park bom to join their production which can give out another feeling. Park Bom also performed with them together on the stage today which made it even more brilliant. Thank you very much.

- Can you introduce the songs?
-High High is the song of House electronica and hip hop and the melody is impressive which let them to enjoy a powerful stage. GD and TOP are particularly charming when they are performing the intense music . Their music coupled with their special fashion sense will definitely give a shock to us.

Oh Yeah is an impressive song with the lyrics sung by Park Bom of 2ne1 which certainly enhanced the stage performance.

-What activities will the united group do?
-We were too tired today already so we went back early. Tomorrow we will have a discussion with the director of the 'High High' MV, then we will do the shooting. It might be the music video which carries the strongest power so far. 'They are scheduled to appear at different events and TV programmes at the end of the year.

'Knock out', 'High high' and 'Oh yeah' will serve as the three title songs of their album. All the three songs were composed by G Dragon and TOP also participated in the production. The united group has already gained the attention of the fans in the music industry.

Source: Star News via Nate, asiae
Translated & shared by Rice@BigbangWorld

[NEWS] 2NE1, Kim Bum Soo, and Superkid declared as harmful for youth?

The songs from 2NE1Kim Bum SooSuper Kid, and many other popular artists have collectively been judged to be ‘harmful media’ for youths because of their songs.
According to the electronic gazette of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, theCommission on Youth Protection made a judgment on November 29th that 2NE1’s ‘Can’t Nobody(English Version)’ and ‘I’m Busy‘ were disruptive for youths.
What was the reason behind this harsh decision? Apparently, it was the use of profanity in the tracks. Kim Bum Soo’s ‘Smoking or Drinking‘ from his ‘Solista Part 1‘ was also judged as inappropriate due to the drug references. Super Kid’s ‘Have a Drink‘ and trot singer Kim Hye Yeon’s ‘I’ll Pay‘ were also criticized for the same reasons.
The works of hip hop artists also got slammed, as being harmful to youths. Hip hop duo DOZ, which recently signed with Japan’s Avex, had 5 of their songs deemed as injurious to youth.
In view of these judgements, measures have been taken to put a declarative mark on albums containing songs that may be corruptive to youth; albums with those marks cannot be sold to individuals under the age of 19. If these regulations are not followed, the producers, distributors, and vendors may have to pay penalties. Also, these so-called inappropriate songs cannot be broadcasted before 10PM.
This decision went into effect on December 6th.
How do you feel about Korea’s measures to regulate content in music? Do you feel that it’s too harsh or perhaps too conservative? Or do you agree with the cautionary stance? Tell us your thoughts below!
Source: Money Today Star News
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